Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun With Boogies!

That's right...Connor and I hit the park again!  Here are some pictures from our week, Connor's 41st week of life!

On Tuesday, 5/25, we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the park!

Again, I tried to dip his toes in the creek and he screamed like I was beating him!  Who's child is this anyway?!  Here he is, enjoying his favorite snack, cheese puffs, at the park!

On a side note, Jason proposed to me 3 years ago this past Wednesday, 5/26! 

Here are some pictures of Connor, playing with his new favorite toys, which are household items!  He has decided that he is very bored with his toys and enjoys playing with simple things much better! 

This is Connor with his "Ficial water bottle" - he LOVES water bottles, probably because Jason and I are constantly toting them around!  He was so proud to get his very own!

Thanks to Aunt Misty, I tried a pot and spoon and he was THRILLED for the entire afternoon!

Just wanted to post these before I have a TON of pictures from our vacation to the beach!  We are so excited!  Can't wait to share the pictures with you all, after we return!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun Times and Kellee's Baptism!

We hope you've all had a wonderful week!  I wanted to start with this picture of Connor because I thought he looked so handsome!  We had a pretty exciting week this week!  Connor is now 40 weeks old!  Unfortunately, Friday night, 5/21, Connor had his first big fall when he dove off of the changing table and landed on his head.  We took him to the Emergency Room and after observation and several tests, it turned out that he was okay and we were able to take our sleepy boy home and finally let him go to sleep.  We had to watch him closely and wake him every 4 hours Friday night, so needless to say, we did not get much sleep!  We are glad to report that he is doing just fine this morning!  The doctors suggested that they did not want to give him a CT Scan because as he is a boy, we will probably be at the ER in the near future and he'd rather not expose him to more radiation than he needs to.  Guess that's life with a little boy...anyway...onto the pictures!

These pictures are from Tuesday, 5/18, when Connor was playing in his room.  He is now so interested in his books that there is little else that he will play with for long.  He LOVES having his books read to him, over and over and over and over and over...well, you get the point :)

On Wednesday, 5/19, Connor and I went for a hike at Steele's Creek Park!  This is where we had lunch :)

Here are some pictures from Friday, 5/21, when Connor was helping me do the laundry!

Wearing his new hat that I got him for our upcoming beach vacation :)

Connor has recently discovered the kitties!  He LOVES them and calls them both "Ma" :)  It's so funny when he calls to them!

On Saturday, 5/22, we headed to Buffalo Mountain for my baptism!  I could not think of any place better to be baptised than in the lake on top of a beautiful mountain, by our very own preacher (who also married us and baptised Connor), Brian!

Here is Brian, waiting for me in the lake...

And the group, afterwards...Tricia was there also, but she was taking the pictures! (from the left) Dave and Jen, Brian, me, Jason, Greg and Connor, Jo, and Granny!

Connor, doing his "tism" dance in the back of Granddaddy's truck, after the ceremony!

SOOO full of himself - you'd never know he bumped his head last night!

Our family in front of the lake where I was baptised!

This is Connor, on the way home, and at Daddy's office, where we had to stop for Jason to do some paperwork, on our way home!

Eating his crunchies at Daddy's Office :)

Have a fantastic weekend!  We're so excited because we're leaving for Hatteras, NC (THE BEACH!) in just a week!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Connor's 1st Big Hike!

Today, Jason and Connor and I took a little trip to Linville, NC, to hike the falls!  We were originally going to Mt. Mitchell, but the weather was looking worse and worse as we were getting close, so we decided to take a detour!  And what a great idea that was!  We had a fantastic time!  I am so grateful that we decided to pack a lunch and bring the hiking pack that The Snider's gave us when I was pregnant!  We had a wonderful time!  Check out the pictures...

This is Jason and Connor at the Linville Falls picnic area, after we had lunch!

Our little family at the picnic area!

Connor, dancing on a big tree stump with Mommy!

Daddy and Connor, in deep thought!

Connor's 1st time in the hiking pack!  Headed to see the falls!

Enjoying the scenery!

At the top of the falls with his Daddy!

Mommy and Connor

Sharing a happy moment with my Boogies!

Our happy family at the falls!

He still wants to take back my Mother's Day gift - he LOVES it!

Ready to go for a hike with Mommy to the top!

Our little hiking Boogies!  He LOVED the hike!

Hiking with my little angel - I like to call this one, "My dream come true!"

At the very top - see the bottom falls, below us?!

Shew, we were HIGH up - good thing Jason and I work out every day - I don't know how else we would have been able to tote Connor all that way - it was a pretty steep hike!

Taking a rest at the top!

Oh if this boy only knew how much I love him!

Daddy and Connor at the top...gettin' ready to head back down!  Have to tell you what happened right after this picture...we realized that SOMEONE took a poop on the hike up to the top (wonder who?!)  Anyway - since we had a tiny little area up there and no where to change the boy for a WHILE, we had to make due.  So Jason held Connor while I performed a McGuiver move and quickly changed his diaper, in mid-air!  It was miraculous and VERY needed!  Strangest place I've ever changed a diaper, so far :)

"Mommy, please don't drop me!"

Headed back down again, with Daddy!

My 2 favorite hikers!