Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Sorry it's been so long - lots going on here!  And as you'll soon see...the blog is not so cooperative lately...I'm considering stopping all together.  As I am a perfectionist, it drives me CRAZY to post a sideways picture, but I have done everything I can and cannot get them to be straight on blogger.  Anyway - you can see my frustration after messing with this for 35 minutes AGAIN.  Connor is doing GREAT!  We have his birthday party planned and are ready for the big number 2 in just a little over 2 weeks!  Cole is growing, growing, growing.  Unfortunately, I found out on 7/21, that I have Gestational Diabetes.  Turns out it is "fall out" from that wonderful Polycystic Ovary Syndrome that Dr. Thatcher diagnosed me with when we were trying to get pregnant the first time.  Good news is that I'm adapting to the EXTREME diet and have had good blood sugar numbers today.  If I can keep my numbers good until next Monday, I will not have to use insulin to control my blood sugar.  Coming from a person who has never dieted in her life...WOW this stuff is TOUGH!!!!

Onto the pictures!  This is a preview of Connor's new "big boy bedding" that my parents got him for his new room for his birthday!

This is Connor and Harper, playing at the park, on 7/13/11 - Anderson Park is the BEST - it's all shaded and not hot at all!

On 7/14, our dear little Connor, decided to throw a temper tantrum, in the parking lot of the YMCA.  He threw himself on the pavement (onto his glasses) and we ended up at the Emergency Clinic for stitches.  Luckily we did not need stitches, but did find out he had a sinus infection.  And his glasses were actually fixed, without having to use my warranty!!!  Great news! 

On 7/16, Jo and Adriel decided to throw me a "sprinkle" :)  It was a great shower with great friends and family!  Thanks to everyone who came out!



Laura, Renee, Angela, and I

Daddy and Connor, crashing the festivities!

Even Connor got some gifts!

Jo, Pat, and Britney!

Me and sanity!!! :)

Laura, Renee, and Angela

Memaw (or Nona...not sure what he's decided to call Vickie these days :) and my Toogies!!

My gifts from Adriel!

Connor and Jo-Jo!

On Wednesday, 7/20, we decided to head to Steel Creek Park for a ride on the train with Harper and Adriel!  Connor LOVED it! 

On Wednesday, we headed back to the park for some playtime!  This is his favorite place to play in the park!

And here I am at 30 weeks pregnant on 7/24!  31 weeks tomorrow!  Just 8 more weeks till we get to meet our precious little Cole!

Have a great week!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Weekend in Nashville!

Hello Everyone!  I have been having so many issues with Blogger lately!  Anyone else having trouble with their pictures uploading sideways?  UGH - anyway - so I'm a bit behind on my updates :)  We have been doing really well here in NE Tennessee!  Connor is doing great and will be 23 months old on Tuesday!  I can hardly believe it.  I know everyone says that children are more and more fun every passing day and that could not possibly be more true about Connor.  He is now repeating phrases and speaking in sentences and it's ADORABLE!  I just can't wait to get him out of bed in the morning.  This morning, I went into his room to get him up and he sat up in his crib and smiled at me (that big, beautiful, crooked smile that I LOVE) and said, "Hi Buddy, wanna go tractor tippin?"  I almost died!  Tractor tipping, for those of you who don't know - is the equivalent of cow tipping in the Cars "saga" :)  Unfortunately, with the good, always comes the bad...we have entered the terrible 2's and are not so much enjoying the fits that Connor throws, although we have found that time outs absolutely devastate him (he's attached to me at the hip) and therefore, they are extrememly effective!  Thank the Lord!  As for Cole, he is growing, growing, growing!  I am 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow and SHEW has time flown!  Unfortunately, I failed my 1st Glucose Tolerance Test (for gestational diabetes) last Tuesday (I failed the first round with Connor also) and am scheduled to take the dreaded 3 hour test on Friday, 7/15.  I'm not looking forward to it, however I am grateful for screenings like these that help keep Cole safe and growing properly. 

Oh and one more thing I just have to mention....Jason and his stepfather, Greg, moved all of the furniture in our in-home office down to the basement this past week.  We are clearing out the old office for Connor's new room so that Cole can have his nursery in about 2 months.  And WOW is it ever AWESOME!  I am so excited about the changes!  I can't wait to see Connor's finished room (Cars themed, of COURSE) and hope to be posting pictures of it by mid-August!

Onto the pictures!

On 6/28, Adriel and I took Harper and Connor to the Hands on Museum in Johnson City for a little afternoon fun, since it was raining outside.  Since I was running after Connor the entire time, and also carrying his brother, I decided that the I Phone camera would have to do.  So these are not the best pictures, but I think they are still worth posting :)  Connor and Harper had a BLAST!

This is Connor, trying on the helmet to learn to kayak!

Here, they were playing the piano :)  As you can see...he is STILL attached to his Cars DVD box :)

And here they were driving the tractor - not sure if I've mentioned it lately, but Connor LOVES tractors!

Here, Connor was riding with Harper as she drove a real-life airplane :)

On Friday, 7/1, Jason and I headed to Nashville for the weekend!  I bought him U2 concert tickets for Christmas and it was finally time to go to the show!  Since Connor's Papaw and Memaw were so gracious to keep him for the weekend, we had lots of date nights!  Here we are, enjoying, some delicious gyros for dinner, after seeing the moving Larry Crowne!  

I was truly OBSESSED with these gyros - never had such good gyros in my life and for those of you who know know it's my favorite food :)

On Saturday, 7/2, we headed back to Mt. Juliet, to enjoy Books A Million before seeing a SECOND MOVIE!!!  2 movies in one weekend?!  (Transformers 3 this time and yes it was AWESOME!) This is me at 27 weeks pregnant! 

And had to get a picture of the yummy gyro place that I went on and on and on and ON about all weekend...and yes, we ate there again on Saturday...and would have stopped on the way home on Sunday, but they didn't open until 12 and we were anxious to see our boy!

Later that day, we headed to Vanderbilt Stadium for the U2 concert.  What an AMAZING show!  I mean...they aren't Dave Matthews...Ok - I won't even go there...they were truly amazing!  I have NEVER been in a stadium that was this packed!  This is a picture of the set that Jason said cost 2.8 million dollars - it was SO cool!

Waiting for Florence and the Machine to start - not sure if you've heard of them, but they are GREAT! 

There's Florence on the big screen!  What a wonderful performer!

After Florence and the Machine, Jason and I took a walk around because my legs were swelling :)  We happened to run into Tate from DC Talk - a Christian Band that Jason says is very well known.  So Jason took this picture for Cascia, since he said she would definately know who he was :)

U2's entrance - SO AWESOME!

And they even sang Amazing Grace - it was BEAUTIFUL!

This is the picture that Papaw texted me from that night.  Little Connor played his heart out and was passed out!  I love this picture!

On Tuesday, 7/5, Connor spent the morning at Adriel's house, while I went to the doctor.  This is a picture that she texted me - I think he looks adorable in this picture!

Connor and Harper, watching TV with Chris!

And finally, here I am at 28 weeks pregnant!  Did I mention how quickly time is FLYING?!

I also have some videos but it's not letting me upload them right now so I will put them on here later!

Have a great week!