Sunday, May 18, 2014

The End of School and Some Other Fun…

Enjoying some Springtime on the front porch on 4/26!IMG_7803

Pretty Sissy with Flowers in her Hair on 4/27






5/2 at his annual eye examIMG_7854IMG_7855

Some pictures Papaw took at EasterIMG_7857IMG_7858IMG_7859



5/4 at 35 weeks oldIMG_7880

I love this pose SmileIMG_7875



Nana Debbie was finally well again and Cole and Caroline were THRILLED to see her at the gym!IMG_7890

5/6 – never too early to start reading your Bible…IMG_7894

Sitting with Harper’s daddy, Chris, at the End of the Year Program on 5/6IMG_7896IMG_7899

Connor during the programIMG_7909

Cole, performing “Itsy Bitsy Spider”IMG_7910

With McKinley and Harper after their graduation (even though Connor is going to preschool again next year Smile  He will start Kindergarten in 2015 since his birthday is RIGHT before the cutoff).IMG_7904

First day of school on the left and graduation on the right IMG_7908

Sis has decided she’s an eating machine and no longer wants baby food Smile IMG_7911

Connor made Jason a card for his birthday…it was awesome.  This is the cover.  It’s a picture of “Daddy when he became a roach monster.”IMG_7912

This is the story  he had me write, inside.IMG_7913IMG_7914IMG_7915

Daddy with his girl on 5/9IMG_7921

Mother’s Day Flowers SmileIMG_7922

My Mother’s Day Present from ColeIMG_7925

And my Mother’s Day Present from ConnorIMG_7926

And the flowers (again) from Sissy and DaddyIMG_7928


5/11 – Caroline standing up!IMG_7935

This is how I found them, later that day, after all the fighting – still best friends Winking smileIMG_7938

5/12 eating great-grandma’s meatloafIMG_7939

On 5/13 we headed over to the park with Connor’s class for an end of the year picnicIMG_7940IMG_7941IMG_7942

And, of course, everyone wanted to hold Caroline Winking smileIMG_7943IMG_7946IMG_7947

Caroline’s first time in the swing!IMG_7952IMG_7948IMG_7955IMG_7956

On 5/14, Cole told me, “Momma, I’m gonna tell you about Jonah.  He took a trip to Canada.  Now I’m gonna tell you about Jesus.  He was a king and a pirate.  I have to get my glasses to tell you the rest.”IMG_7963

This is a questionnaire that Connor and Ms. Jones filled out, as part of his year end book.  I just LOVE his answers!IMG_7964

5/14, after Life Group…she looks a bit concerned…IMG_7967

My life group girls (10th grade)…gonna miss them SO MUCH Sad smileIMG_7968

5/15, after dropping the boys at school, I went in to make their beds and this is how I found Cole’s superhero’s at the end of his bed.  In the middle is his beloved “Mose” (Moses).  Guess he knows who the REAL superhero’s are!IMG_7969

5/15, the last day of school.  This is Cole and his first teacher, ever, Ms. Carmen!IMG_7974IMG_7976

Caroline and I at the miracle doctor…I mean, the ENT on 5/16IMG_7983

Caroline and her new baby doll (who looks just like her – lol) on 5/16IMG_7985

Sick sissy on 5/17 Sad smileIMG_7986

Her fever finally broke that evening and she even played a little!IMG_7994

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to say our goodbyes to our friends and family up here and become residents of the Peach State!