Friday, February 26, 2010

Pre and Post Op...

Little Connor was such a trooper and did great during his surgery on 2/23! He is still in some pain and taking his medicine. We're hoping he'll be back to his old self this weekend! Here are some pictures from this last week, before and after his surgery! This is Connor on Monday, 2/22, playing with his stuffed animals!

I think he's telling them about his upcoming surgery...he was talking to them in a VERY serious tone...

Practicing his rolling and VERY proud of himself!

Yeah for Connor!

This is Connor on 2/23 in the pre-op room at the surgery center in Knoxville. He was so happy and we played with him for about an hour and a half before the nurses took him back for his surgery! The nurses were great and really loved him!

So happy with his dolphin, Dexter!

He was ready to get it over with! With Dexter by his side, what could possibly go wrong!?

This is Connor on Thursday, 2/25, at 28 weeks old! He LOVES this book and cries when you stop reading it to him - I read it 4 times to him this morning!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunshine At Last!

Hello Everyone!
We hope you all had a wonderful week! Connor is now 27 1/2 weeks old (or 6 1/2 months) :) He is doing great, trying to sit on his own, and continuing to work on those teeth! We had a little bit of a rough week, last week, as Connor's teeth were really bothering him. He did not get a second tooth yet, but his first tooth has come in more. Here are some pictures from this last week...This is Connor on Wednesday, 2/17, practicing his sitting in the Boppy pillow...he was very serious last week because of the teething!

Reading his book from Maelen! He loves it!
Working on one of his many teething rings!

Flying through the air with his Daddy!

He was so pooped from flying that he fell asleep while he was eating his green beans...mid bite...

Here is Connor on Saturday, 2/20, before we went to the park! The sun was finally shining and we had a heat wave with temps in the 50's!!! Connor got this outfit for Valentine's Day from his Grandma and Grandpa Brooks!

At Steele's Creek Park, bundled up, but enjoying the sunshine, in his snugly blanket from Aunt Debbie and Jennifer!

On Sunday, 2/21, we decided to head down to Gatlinburg to do a little site seeing and again enjoy the warm temps and sunshine!

We stopped to have a bite to eat and feed Connor some carrots!

Here he is, sitting in a high chair all by himself! I forgot the Buggy Bag, but made sure to thoroughly clean the seat for him! This is another one of his Valentine's Day gifts from Grandma and Grandpa!!

What a big boy!

Excited because Daddy is praising him for finishing his carrots!

We hope you all have a wonderful week. Please continue to keep Connor in your thoughts and prayers as he goes in for surgery tomorrow morning at the Children's Hospital in Knoxville.
Love and kisses!

The Ratliffs

Monday, February 15, 2010

Connor's 1st Valentine's Day and Another Surprise...

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with those who make your heart smile! Connor surprised us on Valentine's Day morning with his very first tooth!!! How exciting! I like to think of it as a "love tooth"! Connor went to the doctor today for his 6 month checkup! He now weighs 16.9 lbs (25th percentile) and is 26.5 inches tall (50th percentile) and his head continues to be the 90th percentile! Dr. Makres said he was doing great! He prescribed some vitamins for me to give Connor every morning with fluoride. Connor began eating veggies about 2 weeks ago and we have the go-ahead to continue those until he's 8 months old when we can begin introducing fruit! I have also been told to cut his cereal down to only once a day, which might help with some constipation issues we've been having! Connor goes in for his surgery on Tuesday, 2/23, and although it is minor, I ask that you please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! Now...onto the pictures...This is Connor, playing in his crib, on 2/11, at 26 weeks old!

Here he is with his Valentine's gift from his buddy, Maelen...a brand new Cars book!

I think he looks just like my dad in the face here! SOOO handsome!

Playing on his floor mat!

Here he is on 2/12 when he turned 6 months old!

He stayed with Jo Jo and Granddaddy Greg on 2/12 so we could go to the Barter to see Alice in Wonderland! What a happy boy!

Our little family!

We love him!

A picture of just us! WOW! It's been so long! :)

Connor with Jo Jo and his Granddaddy ready for a fun night of the opening ceremonies at the Olympics!

On Saturday, 2/13, Connor's Memaw and Papaw came to visit him! Here he is with his Memaw Vickie!

And his Papaw!

Happy to see his Uncle Nick!

And...his favorite...Rachel...she's got the good bounce!

Daddy and Connor sent Mommy flowers for Valentine's Day!

Connor and his Papaw!

Happy Boy with his Valentine's Day monkey!

Have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exciting Times!

Hello Everyone!
We hope you are all doing well and staying warm! Here are a couple of new pictures of our pride and joy! Here is Connor on 2/3 when he turned 25 weeks old!

Here's Connor on 2/7 after having breakfast! He's now eatten sweet potatoes, prunes, peas, squash, and baby oatmeal! He likes them all...LOVES peas...and HATES carrots - won't even eat them!

Playing with daddy...

Right before we left for a Super Bowl Party - playing in his saucer!

On Monday, 2/8, we went to Sam's to stock up on some much needed diapers!

On 2/9, Connor had a great time playing!

Connor LOVES his Elmo from Papaw and Memaw!

He's a very serious little guy, as you can tell...

And his jingle ball from Auntie Liz!

Playing with the balls from Uncle Randy and Aunt Joyce!

Here he is, looking through his family photo album from Mommy and Daddy!

"That flash is bright, Mommy!"

The Ratliffs