Friday, July 30, 2010

Just 2 More Weeks!

I can hardly believe it - Connor will be 1 year old in less than 2 weeks!  What a wonderful year it's been!  Didn't take many pictures this week because I took so many the last week :)  Here are a few from our week!

On Sunday, 7/24, we headed up to Big Stone Gap for the afternoon to escape the heat in our house since our A/C broke!  Here is Connor, playing with his Uncle Nick and Aunt Rachel!

This is on Thursday, 7/29, eating his afternoon snack!

And these are from this morning, 7/30, while he played in the playroom - almost totally completed, by the way - just have to paint the wall!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!  We are set to get our new A/C unit on Monday, 8/2!  WOO HOO!

The Ratliffs

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Connor's 1st Trip to Alabama to visit the Weldy's!

This week brought Connor's 49th week since birth and his very first trip to Alabama to visit my dear friends, The Weldy's!  Cascia and I have been friends since 7th grade when we met in Drama class!  Cascia and her husband, Todd, have 2 sweet little boys, Jack (3 1/2) and Adam (1 1/2).  Connor and I headed down to Athens, AL on Monday, 7/19!  Connor did GREAT during the 5 hour drive and enjoyed watching his movie, Cars!  After we got there, Cash took us to lunch at an awesome little Mexican restaurant! 

Here is Connor and Adam at lunch!

And Jack and I at lunch!

The boys, playing in the playroom at Cascia's house!

Adam was so sweet, he kept trying to give Connor kisses!

Cascia and Jack!

Later that evening I had a blast from the past!  I got to see Cascia's mom, Claudia, and her "little" brother, Ryan!  Here is Claudia walking Connor around the kitchen!

Connor LOVED Uncle Todd!  He couldn't stop staring at Uncle Todd's beard long enough to look at the camera!

Connor and I with Ryan - I know I've said this a million times, but I remember when Ryan was 3!!!

On Tuesday morning, the boys were obviously up to no good :)  I love this picture!

Playing in the living room!

How cute are they?!

Cutie Patootie, Adam!

Aww...Connor and his Aunt Cash!

Later that night, Todd was brave enough to watch the 3 boys for us so Cash and I hit the town for a long-overdue ladies night! 

Such a ham, just like old times!

Wednesday morning...watching none other than Connor's favorite...Cars!

On our way to an awesome place, called Pump it Up!

Connor LOVED this car at Pump it Up! 

His very own Lightening McQueen!

HA HA!  I had to put these in the blog, Cash!  The real question here is...who had more or the kiddies?!

Very serious about this risky play!

Later that afternoon, Connor received his very first 1st birthday present from the Weldy's!

His 1st tractor!

Whoa!  Who's Joe Cool in the back ground?!

Sadly, we returned home on Thursday night, 7/22, but we were super excited to see Daddy...and well, Connor was super excited to see his best buddy, Diablo, who STILL hasn't left his side!

Have a great week!