Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring 2014

We have been busy busy busy in the Ratliff house!  Lots of fun and exciting things!  Connor and Cole are in their last month of school for the year and Caroline is growing every second of every day!  We do have some big news…and NO it’s not another baby!  LOL!  Jason received a full scholarship to Chandler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta to complete his Master’s of Divinity Degree.  We are thrilled, though very sad to leave our home in Bristol and all the friends and family that we love.  We are projected to serve a United Methodist Church in Toccoa, GA, called Prospect UMC and we could not be more thrilled!  Jason’s program is 3 years long and then we will return to the Holston Conference (where we are now).  We will miss everyone so much, but are so excited to see what God has in store for us!  He is CERTAINLY making the way very easy for us.  Our last day at Munsey will be June 15th.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue on this crazy journey, called life, in which was have already been blessed beyond measure!  Praise the Lord!  (Oh and for those of you who know how much I love it up here and are thinking I’ll be sad to leave the mountains…Toccoa is in the most mountainous area of Georgia and you can see them from where we will be living!)  WOO HOO!!!!!!  We have been praying about health insurance and a solution to Jason’s vehicle issue and God has already answered our prayers about insurance – what a blessing!  Ok…Enjoy these pictures…

The Ratliff Kids on 3/19 at Daddy’s Officeb

This is Caroline and I at Bristol Bounce on 3/20


After bouncing, I took the boys to eat Chick-Fil-A and Cole decided to join his friends (who we didn’t know) for lunch.  That boy LOVES making friends SmileIMG_7292

“Angry Sissy” on 3/20IMG_7297



3/21 Sissy and her DaddyIMG_7302

3/22 with Miss Dreama and Miss Judy at BounceIMG_7308IMG_7314

Fun with hair bows SmileIMG_7317

3/23 with their cousins at Mamaw’s 80th Birthday Party


3/25 at 29 weeks oldIMG_7335



With Miss Renee (my co-leader of life group)IMG_7351

This next one is a comparison I did – Caroline on the left and me, at the same age, I think – on the right (with my grandpa)


This one is me on the left and Caroline on the right


My grocery-shopping buddy on 3/28IMG_7359

3/30 – 7 months old IMG_7377

Selfie SmileIMG_7370

3/31 Mommy’s Gator Girl SmileIMG_7388IMG_7391



Cole at 2 years and 7 monthsIMG_7408



Another comparison shot – this is Cole on the right and Jason’s Uncle Randy, at about the same age, I think – on the leftIMG_7425

Happy Sissy on 4/4IMG_7427

On 4/5 we headed down to Toccoa, GA to check out our “prospective” church and church family!  This was sissy’s first hotel stay!IMG_7432

She loves her ConnorIMG_7434

At church on 4/6, at 31 weeks oldIMG_7449IMG_7447

4/7 – she started eating her feet…IMG_7458



4/10 – this is how I found Connor when I came out of Cole’s room….IMG_7498

4/11, playing with JoJo, after dinner Winking smileIMG_7501

4/12 at Camden’s birthday party – Connor, riding the car with Camden and Lincoln from his class at schoolIMG_7503

Party Princess CarolineIMG_7511

Spring is here!IMG_7512IMG_7514IMG_7515

Cole, dancing with his palm branch on Palm Sunday SmileIMG_7518

Sissy on 4/13 at 32 weeks oldIMG_7523

Palm Sunday is exhausting!IMG_7556

All of my babies at 7 months old SmileIMG_7566

On 4/16 I went with Connor on a special field trip, with his class, to a farm!IMG_7570IMG_7578IMG_7580IMG_7581

Harper on the horse!IMG_7584

Connor’s first horse ride!IMG_7591IMG_7593

Mrs. Jones’ Fabulous 4’s!IMG_7597

On the hay ride!IMG_7599

Shopping with Mommy & JoJo on 4/17IMG_7600

Annual Egg Hunt at Munsey! 4/19IMG_7616

Cole was VERY concerned about the big scary Easter Bunny he kept seeing, walking around….IMG_7614IMG_7616IMG_7624IMG_7629IMG_7630IMG_7631IMG_7634IMG_7636

The boys, all dressed for Easter Sunday 4/20/14IMG_7644IMG_7645

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Holy Week services at Munsey!  I am going to miss our church family SO MUCH, but am SO excited to see what blessings God has in store for us at our next church!IMG_7650

Sissy in her Easter dress from Miss Amy (Amy sent me this from Italy when I found out Caroline was a girl!  It was the first dress I ever received for her and she was BEAUTIFUL in it!)IMG_7658

After church on Sunday, we headed to Papaw’s house in Big Stone Gap to celebrate Easter with the Ratliff’s.  Sissy realized that her new favorite person is Uncle Nick.  I have never seen her take to anyone like she took to him.  She just coo’d and goo’d and LOVED on him the whole time we were there!IMG_7667

Caroline and mamaw at the Ratliff Egg Hunt!IMG_7669IMG_7676



Connor and Cousin Ashley!IMG_7684

Just a little over a month until she’s officially “Aunt Ashley”!  We are SO excited!IMG_7687

Sissy and her Papaw IMG_7689

On 4/21, Daddy surprised us and took us to Dollywood!  We had a fabulous time!IMG_7692IMG_7693IMG_7696

Sissy and I waited while Daddy took the boys on their first water ride, EVER!IMG_7698IMG_7700

Apparently, every time Cole got wet he screamed, “NO! My Captain Merka’ shirt is ruined!”IMG_7702IMG_7703

Connor and I decided to brave this ride and he LOVED it!IMG_7706IMG_7710IMG_7729IMG_7740IMG_7757IMG_7779IMG_7780IMG_7781IMG_7782IMG_7783IMG_7784IMG_7785

Playing with their Jesus and the Disciples figures they got for Easter.  photo 2photo 4

Well, there you have it, friends.  The Ratliffs’ last 2 months.  Hope you are all well and please come see us in Toccoa…we met some of the sweetest people EVER when we visited!