Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Wonderful Christmas Weekend!

Greetings! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - I know we did!  I have LOTS of pictures to share so here we go!!

My parents arrived in town on Thursday, 12/22, and that evening we met the Slaughter family at the mall so that the boys could see Santa with Harper.  We had a lovely dinner, after seeing Santa, and enjoyed some great food and gift exchanging with one of our favorite families!  All of the kids enjoyed sitting with Santa this year!  Unfortunately the pictures are not great and I don't have a scanner so you'll have to take my word for it :)  Here is Chris and Jason with Harper and Connor...while we waited...

Mom and Adriel waiting on Santa

The next morning, 12/23, we enjoyed a leisurely morning before heading over to Papaw and Momaw's house for some holiday fun!  Here are Grandma and Cole!

Connor and Cole gave Grandma and Grandpa their gift!

I caught Santa Claus!

Check out the pile of gifts at Papaw's house...this is only 1 of 3 piles ;)

Connor, of course, had to feed his chickens before we ate dinner :)

Our sweet little Cole!

Connor absolutely LOVES his Uncle Nick!

Santa got a little hot in his costume, so we cooled off a bit with Mamaw!

After dinner...Santa arrived!

I thought Connor would die!

He was excited to sit with Santa and open presents!

What a great Santa, Papaw made :)

The star of the night...a HUGE T-Rex!

Cole, as you can see, was not excited :)

He woke up later and played with his new Tiger and Eeyore!

Connor cried and did not want to Mamaw good bye kisses :(

Because Jason had to be in several church services on Christmas Eve and had to be up early to preach on Christmas morning, we decided to celebrate Christmas at our house Christmas Eve morning!  This is Connor when he first walked upstairs and saw the giant dinosaur that Grandma and Grandpa got him!

Baby Cole, ready for some presents!

Grandma, opening her presents!

Lots of dinosaur books!

And some Revelation for Mommy!

Did I mention that he got a few dinosaurs for Christmas this year?

And...the Abominable Snow Monster!  He is OBSESSED with this guy from the old Rudolph movie!!

Baby Cole got some...MOOSES!

Our little family!

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to Jo-Jo and Granddaddy's house, after church!

This is Cole, in amongst the gifts!

Jo-Jo and Granny!

...and Granddaddy!

Granny and Grandpa Jim!

I got new running shoes!!  YIPPEE!

Connor had a blast "helping" Grandpa Jim walk all over the house with a cane!

...and he's out! 

Later that night, after all the festivities of the weekend...Little Connor couldn't help but just lay his head down on the table, in amongst his dinosaurs...

Grandma and her boys...

....and Cole is officially DONE with Christmas!

I hope you've enjoyed and that you had a wonderful holiday season!