Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 36!

I was not very good about taking pictures this week because our weather was so rainy and Connor and I spent a pretty boring week, inside the house.  Connor can now sit up by himself, however he does not really like to do so.  He is more active than ever - he loves being thrown around and the harder you play with him, the more he enjoys it!  He's been doing great at the nursery at the gym and really enjoys playing with the other babies!  As usual, he's been jumping like a crazy man, and rolling all over his mat, while playing with his many toys!  We finally got around to babyproofing the house this weekend, with the help of Jason's dad's family!  Our stairs are now closed in and we have plexiglass on our banister in the loft.  We also have some baby gates in the house and as Misty would say "live in a gated community"!   Ok - onto the pictures!

On Friday, 4/23, Connor and I got to have lunch with my good friend, Paula, from Florida, who is headed over seas to spend the year, backpacking around the world!  We forgot to take a picture, but after lunch, we headed over to see Daddy at work and got a couple of pictures of the boy!

So full of himself!

On Saturday, 4/24, we headed over to Dave and Jen's house to complete the 4th season of Dexter!  Here's Connor with his Aunt Jen!

"Uncle David, are you SURE Rita's DEAD?!"  Contemplating the end of Dexter's 4th Season with his Uncle David!

Discussing the best season finale on television with his Uncle!

On Sunday, 4/25, the Ratliff's headed over to our house to help us babyproof!  Connor was busy at work, himself, playing!

I love his pudge on his thighs!

We decided to take a walk outside to get some sun!

Here's Connor, playing with his Aunt Rachel and Memaw!

Uncle Nick and Papaw, working on the baby gate, while Daddy grilled burgers!

Connor and his Papaw!

Family Shot!

We are very proud of Uncle Nick, as he just graduated from the Police Academy on Friday, 4/23!  On his way to becoming Jack Bauer!

One more thing, for those of you who haven't seen's a video of Connor on Thursday night, 4/22, rocking out to the jazz band at Atlanta Bread!

Have a great week everyone!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 35...and Lots of Trips to the Park!

Well, my dad certainly said it best, Connor and I are "Parkaholics"!  We did go to the park Monday - Thursday last week!  The only reason we skipped Friday was because Connor really wanted to practice his rolling and realized how much fun he could have in his JumpNGo and did not want to leave!  We have been so blessed with beautiful weather!  Connor is so interested in playing with his toys now that he is completely uninterested in eating or doing anything else.  He loves to roll on his mat, play with his toys, and jump in his jumper!  Here are some pictures from his 35th week when he turned 8 months old!

This is on Wednesday, 4/14, at the park...Can you see his top teeth?

Wearing his t-shirt that his Granddaddy and Jo-Jo just got him in Belize!

This one is really funny - he is now eating puffs (little cereal like snacks from Gerber) and he is so cautious when he eats them that he keeps them at the front of his mouth so he doesn't gag.  It looks like his two front teeth came in as buck teeth, but I promise it's just the puff sticking out of his mouth!  HA!

On 4/15 we headed to Atlanta Bread to see our friends The Spanglers and the Leonburgs!  Here are Connor and Maelen!

And here you can see Alanna in the middle of them and Bailey on Craig's lap behind Connor!

On Saturday, 4/17, we all headed up to Big Stone Gap to visit Mamaw! 

And on 4/18, Sunday, we headed out to Granddaddy and Jo-Jo's lake house on Douglas Lake! 

Fueling Connor's obsession with facial hair!  He loves that all his grandfathers have facial hair!

Giving Kona a hi-five!

Last but not least, here's a video of Connor in his jumper!  He is hysterical in this thing!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Have a great week!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Check Out This Connor Video...

This is hysterical!  I was reading a book to Connor, pointing out different animals and making the sounds that I thought they made and he just started LAUGHING!  Apparently, he thinks I make a pretty good anteater noise - who the heck knows what kind of noise an anteater makes anyway?!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Weekend...

Hello Everyone!  We hope you all had a great weekend!  The weather is beautiful here in Northeast Tennessee and we are enjoying every second of not being inside!  Although Jason thoroughly enjoys spending time outside, it seems to be a lifeline for Connor and I.  He has proven to be a lot like me in that a little sunshine and some fresh mountain air can cure anything that burdens him!  Here are some pictures from this past weekend...

Jason and I took Connor to Steele's Creek Park on Saturday, 4/10, to enjoy the sunshine!  Here he is, contemplating life...

I should probably mention here that Connor was having quite a rough day with his 3 new teeth that just busted through his gums on top!  EEKS!

Nothing that a little swinging can't cure...

On Sunday, we headed to one of our favorite stops...the Abingdon Winery!  We love to sit outside, by the creek, under the big shade trees at the winery!

34 weeks old and now with 6 teeth!

Jason said if you want a sneak peek of how Connor will look as a teenager, check out this next his new Easter outfit from Grandma and Grandpa!

On Monday, poor Connor had a very rough day with those teeth.  Finally, around 3 PM, we were able to make it over to Steele's Creek Park for some sunshine and nature!  Boy did that ever do the trick!  Here's the boy, at 8 months old now, contemplating those 3 new teeth...

After a couple of minutes in the sunshine...he was back to his old happy self!

"Wait a mean it's gonna be sunny all WEEK, mommy?!"

Being that he's now a "ficial" 8 month old boy...he takes his swinging very Kecia says...He's ownin it!

On our way back, we stopped to sit by the creek and Connor got to sit all by himself on the bench.  Although he can't sit for long by himself, he can sit for about 2 minutes now!

I didn't position his hat this way, but thought it looked very "gangster of him" ;)

Those painful teeth are but a distant memory when he's playing at the park...

That night, Jo-Jo and Granddaddy Greg came by for some dinner!  Here's Connor practicing his walking with his Jo-Jo!

He sure loves his Granddaddy!

On Tuesday, 4/13, I had Connor laughing hysterically by telling him about anteaters and making a slurping noise!  I got it all on video.  Here he is laughing at Mommy!

Have a great week!