Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Another Day at the Park!

As I write this, we are just 2 days away from our big trip to Orlando!  Jason and I are so excited and after the long car trip, I'm sure Connor will be too!  Connor will be 33 weeks old tomorrow, as he was born at 38 weeks gestation, he's almost been on the "outside" for as long as he was on the "inside"!  We actually found out that Connor was a...well, Connor (and not an Aubree)...on 4/6/09...doesn't seem possible that it's been almost a year ago since that awesome day!  Connor is now in the process of getting 2 more teeth - his top left middle tooth and his bottom right tooth, next to the middle right tooth, both cut through the gums yesterday!  He's a trooper though!  Been in a great if we could only get him to eat!  Seems the boy was not born with his mommy's voracious appetite!

On to the pictures!  Only a couple from our day on Saturday, 3/27, when we ventured out to the park, despite the nippy temps!  Before we left for the park, Connor enjoyed a stroll around the house in his wagon!

Later, that morning, at the park! 

I like to call the next two..."Holy cow, Mom, you were right about these swings!  They rock!"

In this next one, you can tell that another little boy wanted a turn...Connor says "Blastphemy!"

Later that evening...playing while I made his dinner!

This one cracks me up!

Have a great week!  We'll be posting pictures from our trip to Florida soon!


The Ratliffs

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Times in the Spring Weather!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you've all had a great weekend!  Here are some pictures from last week!

On Thursday night, we went to Grandaddy Greg and Jo Jo's house for dinner to hear all about their trip to Belize!  Connor got to open his Easter basket while he was there!  Here he is with Jo Jo!

Here's Daddy, Connor, and Jo Jo

And here's our little family!  So rare to actually get a picture of the 3 of us!

Here are some pictures of our day at the park!  Connor, of course, LOVED the swings!

We even took Connor to the pool for the first time!  He LOVED it!

We went to see Uncle David and Aunt Jenn and have a Dexter Marathon over the weekend!  Connor wanted to wear his chic hat to see his Uncle David and it just so happened that Uncle David had a big surprise for Connor...

Matching hats!

Connor was really serious this week, again, and when I looked at his teeth, he seems to be getting his top 4 teeth anytime now!  Poor guy!

Have a great week!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Fun-Filled Day with the Little Man!

Connor and I have had a great day today, despite his bad mood due to his incoming teeth!  Here are some pictures from our day...

We went for a walk up and down the hill a few times...still a little bit chilly...tomorrow and Friday it's supposed to be in the 60's though!

Notice the anxious look on his face...if you've ever driven with me, you've had that same look on your face  :)

Next, we decided to play with Nygel again...notice a resemblance?!


Connor loves Nygel!

"Mommy, can you help me out?  I've got my hands full of monkeys!"

Playing with the snail!

Putting the blocks in the correct slots!  What a smart boy!

Playing with his Barrel of Monkeys!

Connor would rather eat the barrel than play with what's inside...Ah, teething...

So many fun things in that barrel!

"All these paparazzies everywhere!  I wish they'd get those cameras out of my face!!"

"Now, I've had it with all those paparazzies!  I better go to rehab so they'll leave me alone for a little while!"

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Another Week Closer to Our Trip to Florida!

Hello Everyone!  I hope you're all having a fantastic week!  I am just now getting a chance to update the blog with pictures from Connor's 30th week "on the outside" :)  We are getting so excited because we leave for our very first trip, since Connor has been born, to Clermont, FL to see my family and friends on 4/1!  SO excited!  Just 2 weeks from today we leave...although we're a little bit nervous about the 12 hour car trip with a 7 month old, strong-willed, carseat hating, good friend, Cascia, has reassured me that it will be just fine.  We are super excited!  Not only do we get to see my family while we're there, but my best friend, Misty, and her family are going to spend 2 days with us!  I can only imagine how much I will need to pack for Connor and am thinking about beginning the process already...this, coming from a girl who doesn't usually pack until the night before a trip!  My how a baby changes things :)  Ok - onto the pictures! 

This is last Thursday night, at Atlanta Bread...Connor and his BFF, Maelen!

This is Connor on his 7 month birthday, on 3/12!  What a big boy!

On Saturday, 3/13, we headed over to Big Stone Gap to spend the afternoon with Connor's grandparents!  Here's Connor with his Mamaw!

And here he is with his Papaw!  Connor sure does love his Papaw!  Here he is, sitting on Papaw's belly!

Spending time, rolling around on the floor, with his Papaw!

Memaw gave him a banana pop to help soothe his teeth!  He loved it until he took a bite into it and got a brain freeze!

Uncle Nick and Aunt Rachel were heading out to a wedding!

Before we left, the Easter Bunny surprised Connor, a few weeks early, since he knew we'd be in Florida for Easter!  Connor got lots of super cool gifts, but best of all was his new wagon, that he even convinced his Papaw to pull him around in...this was not hard to do, incase you were wondering...I think Connor already has his Papaw wrapped around his little finger!

He LOVES this!

Riding with his new bunny!

"You mean THIS bunny is MINE, mommy?!"

Happy St. Patty's Day! 3/17 when Connor turned 31 weeks old!

One of Connor's new favorites...his sock monkey!  He loves to chew on "Nygel's" red hair!

Have a great week!