Monday, September 28, 2009

Mommy Turns 30!

Hello Everyone! We had a VERY exciting and fun-filled weekend with LOTS of pictures to share with you all! Connor is doing really well and was excited to help Mommy celebrate her 30th birthday on Sunday!!! We have switched Connor to Mylecon drops from Maalox in hopes that it would help with his crankiness and it has, to an extent. We still have our rough nights...but he's such a blessing and such a happy boy...when he's getting everything he wants when he wants it :)
Here are some pictures from this weekend! On Saturday night, Jason arranged a birthday dinner for me with some friends...this is the beautiful cake that my friends Megan and Chris brought me - it was DELICIOUS!

At Smoky Bones!

On Sunday morning, we planned to spend the day at Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina, but first I had a couple of gifts from my parents and Jason and Connor to open! This is Connor and I in our jammies!

My parents gave me some AWESOME gifts (my favorite kind)! Here is one of the gifts, some pictures of my Uncle Dan and I. For those of you who don't know, he passed away in 2003 and is very missed. We gave Connor the middle name, Daniel, in remembrance of Uncle Dan.

My mom and dad also put together a photo album for me with pictures of my birth and Connor's birth - it was really awesome!

Close up of one of the "comparisons" - Me and Jason and Connor on top and My mom and dad and I on bottom!

I also got an awesome gift from Jason and Connor...a locket with pictures of them! LOVE IT!

Almost smiling! While we were at Mt. Mitchell, later on Sunday, Connor smiled for the first time at Jason, while I was holding him for a picture! Then, on Monday, after sleeping for 5 hours in a row for the first time (which I thought must be a birthday present!) Connor gave me 2 HUGE smiles for the first time! IT was AMAZING!

This is a picture that my parents framed for me - it's me and my dad, fishing, when I was really little!
This is where Connor sits in the kitchen while I cook. His high chair is still WAY too big for him, but he really loves sitting there while we're in the kitchen!

All dressed up and ready to head to North Carolina!

Connor's first trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Finally there (took us forever because our Garmin totally got us lost up a mountain!)

We took Connor out, to walk to the summit, however, the wind got really strong and it was COLD and Connor did not want any part of that so we took this picture and then headed into the restaurant for some views from the comfort of a heated structure!One of the views from the restaurant!

Connor, happy again, at the restaurant!

We still got to enjoy the views and had some tasty food, too!

My two favorite boys!

Have a great week!
Jason, Kellee & Connor

Saturday, September 26, 2009

6 Weeks Old!

This week, Connor turned 6 weeks old!!!!!!!!! He's such a big boy and definately going through a growth spurt! He is sleeping a lot during the day this week, which means not much sleep at night, unfortunately! Here are some pictures from this week :)
This is Connor on 9/23 - the day he turned 6 weeks old!

Connor on 9/24, in his "Born in 2009" shirt!

With a handful of his monkies!

9/25, not so happy with Mommy, but still looking snazzy!

He loves his burp clothes and hangs on to them for dear life sometimes!

The Ratliffs

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Connor's Fun-Filled Weekend!

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to share some pictures from this last week! Connor is now almost 6 weeks old - where has the time gone!?!?! Anyway - we had a really fun weekend and took tons of pictures, of course...which I had to share! I had my post-op appointment with Dr. Samuels on Monday, 9/21, and am excited to report that I am healing very well! I do not have to go back for a year and have already lost all of my pregnancy weight (30 pounds) plus an additional 5 pounds! I am very surprised to know that since I have not really been able to go to the gym since I was 20 weeks pregnant! I'm very excited that I was "cleared" to again go to the gym everyday, which means I can also start hiking again! WOO HOO! Connor is doing well, although he has presented us many challenges over the past week. We have to give him 2 ml of Maalox every 6 hours to help calm his tummy, as he has a touch of colick, and I have stopped eating any greens or milk products. This, unfortunately, means that I am VERY limited in what I can eat...which makes eating pretty boring! Even with the altered diet and medication, we still have some nights that only lend us an hour or 2 of sleep, at best. It's a good thing he's so darn cute and we love him so much!

This is a picture from 9/16 - just showing off his adorable outfit!

In his favorite place...the pouch!
On Thursday, 9/17, our friends, Richard and Laura, and their children, Mac, Sarah Kate, and Lucy, brought us dinner! Laura and I were pregnant together and she had Lucy 5 weeks before I had Connor, so we are pretty sure that Lucy is Maelen's "competition"! This is Richard holding Connor and Lucy...just in case they get married someday, we wanted to be sure that we'd have a picture for the slide show at the reception!

This is Connor, looking adorable, in his crib, on 9/18! Connor LOVES laying in his crib and "talking" to all the monkeys on the wall!

Friday evening, 9/18, Mommy and Daddy and Connor had movie night - this is Connor laying in his daddy's arms!

Later that night, we had dinner at Granny and Granddaddy's house!

On Saturday, 9/19, we took Connor to one of our favorite places, Natural Tunnel State Park in Scott County, Virginia!

This is Connor and I riding the ski lift to the bottom!

At the overlook - looking at the awesome tunnel!

Taking a little hike!

Daddy and Connor at Jacob's Cabin...Uh, I mean, at the oldest "house" in Scott County! Looks like Jacob's Cabin (from LOST) to me!

How smart is Connor?! Waving already!

Mommy and Connor at the our Gator gear...despite Daddy's Tennessee shirt!

Daddy and Connor!

Showing Connor how beautiful the world is!

My 2 favorite guys!

The Natural Tunnel!

2 Gators and a Volunteer right before the big game!

Daddy and Connor by an old locomotive!

On our way out of the park!
We hope you've all enjoyed! Have a wonderful week!
We love you,

Jason, Kellee & Connor