Thursday, April 28, 2011

2nd Easter at Jo-Jo and Grandaddy's House!

We had another Easter celebration at Jo and Greg's house on Monday night!  Here is Connor, openning some of his Easter baskets!!

He was so excited!

New sprinkler toy for the summer!

Seriously....could he be ANY cuter?!

Running around the house, chasing Daddy!

Jo-Jo and Grandaddy!

My Easter basket!

Our little family!


Jo and I!

Helping Connor open more Easter gifts!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter was wonderful!  We had an amazing day, which started with a marvelous church service!  After church we headed up to Big Stone Gap to spend the holiday with Papaw, Memaw, and Mamaw! 

Easter family picture! It was very windy!  This is at 17 weeks pregnant!

Connor, in his Easter best...with his beloved Mickey from Grandma and Grandpa, which he rarely puts down!

The Ratliff men!

Memaw with Connor and I!

Connor's favorite thing to do at Memaw and Papaw's house is to roll his cars down the slope to Papaw's office!  Here he is, playing with his Papaw!

His Easter basket from Mamaw!

Openning his Easter basket from Memaw and Papaw!

Mamaw dyed eggs for Connor, so Jason and I hid them for his hunt!

Playing with Papaw!

Connor's 3rd Easter egg hunt!!

More pictures and videos to come!  We had a wonderful celebration at Jo-Jo and Granddaddy's house last night with lots of Easter goodies!  I also have a bunch of videos, however for some reason Blogger is being super slow and I've been waiting since 2 PM, Monday, for them to upload, so I decided to stop and just do pictures :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter "Eve"

Hello Everyone!

I was going to put all of the pictures from Easter weekend on one post, but as I have 49 from the day before Easter, I thought I'd split it up!!!  One word to describe our Easter Weekend - AMAZING!

This is a picture of Connor's Easter basket from us, which we gave him on Saturday, because we knew that we'd be in a rush to get to all the festivities of the day!

He LOVED the cars on his basket and was talking about them before he even looked inside!

He got some tiny animals in his eggs and LOVED to tell me what they say!

Some Veggie Tales videos about Easter and Jonah and the Whale!

"Umm...not quite sure what these eggs have to do with Jesus?!" :)

Openning his Easter card from Grandma and Grandpa!

Playing with all of his new cars!

Later that day, we had a big Easter egg hunt at church (well, at a park down the street from the church actually) and we were so excited that my good friend Paula, from high school, and her family joined us!

Swinging before the big hunt!

Trying to organize everyone for a picture!  This is Paula and her niece and nephew, Anhelika and Samuel!

Connor decided that it was MUCH more fun to pick the grass and flowers and place them in the sewer, than find eggs...

Eating grass!

He finally got some eggs!

Our friends, Tricia and Turner at the hunt!

After the little kids' hunt, they got to make cookies!  Here is Samuel and Connor, making cookies!

The Wilgus' making cookies!

The Nelsons!

Reading and singing about Jesus, after the hunt!

Connor did NOT want to leave!

But a little water made everything ok!

Samuel the little monkey!

This is hillarious!  So...I'm playing on the playground with Connor, and he finds there three "big" girls and they take him all over the playground.  He was EATING IT UP!  He even had them carry him and place him on the slide - it was SO funny!

In this next picture, I came up and asked him if he was being a good boy - look at his face - he was embarrassed, "Mom...stop ruining my game!"

Connor = Ladies MAN!

After the hunt, we headed over to Fun Expedition with Paula and her awesome family!  Connor had a BLAST with the kids!!!

Of course, he first ran to the red race car and was THRILLED to drive it!

In the car with Anhelika and Samuel!

He was AMAZED by the race car and just kept touching it!

Connor and Paula!

He LOVED playing in the bounce house with Anhelika!  They must have been in there more than an hour!

"Strike a pose!"

He LOVED Anhelika!!! An older woman, I might add...she's 7!  What would Harper say?!

Mommy had a little fun too!!!  This was on a virtual roller coaster!


After Fun Expedition, we decided to grab some grub at Jack's Grill!!!  What a GREAT TIME!  These are some of our favorite people!  The Halls (Paula's sister, Isabel, who lives up here, and her husband Gary)

And of course, Paula's sweet mommy, Dennyr, and Isabel and Gary's new baby, Noelli!

What a wonderful weekend we had!  Might have been the best Easter weekend EVER!  So many awesome church services and time with good friends and family!  And to top it all off, as if it couldn't get any A&P class was cancelled this morning (including my big test)!  WOW!  Ok - hoping to upload pictures from Easter day tonight!  And we still have another Easter celebration at Jo-Jo and Granddaddy's house tonight!  The fun continues!