Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introducing...Baby Cole!

Baby Cole is FINALLY HERE!  Of course, after all the trouble earlier in the pregnancy, he came on his scheduled c-section date anyway!  We left for the hospital at 5:30 AM and arrived at Bristol Regional Medical Center at 6:00 AM.  Here I am when we first got 39 weeks, 1 day gestation!

Here is Suzie, all ready to go into the Operating Room with us!

Jason and I with the Nurse Anesthetizes that were going into the surgery with us!

The moment I cherish the most in these births - when I first got to see my Baby Cole!  Love that Dr. Samuel! 

Cole Lewis Ratliff born on 9/20/11 at 7:54 AM.  9 lbs 3.8 oz 20.5 inches long and sportin some RED HAIR!

Our happy family, minus Connor, who was at Jo-Jo's house waiting on us to call him to come meet his brother!

Daddy and Baby Cole!

My first visitor in the recovery room!  Pastor Brian! 

A moment I'll never forget...when Jason and I first introduced Connor to his new baby brother!

Our precious Baby Cole!

Suzie and Cole!

Papaw and Baby Cole!

And the moment I've been waiting 10 weeks for. NO MORE DIABETIC DIET!  Eating my first piece of pizza!

Adriel and Harper came to visit us later that day!

Memaw with Cole!

Granny and Jim with Baby Cole!

Even Uncle Randy came to visit!

Grandaddy and Jo-Jo with Baby Cole!

Our friend, Dreama, from the YMCA even came out to see Baby Cole!

Beautiful flowers from our Sunday School class!

Miss Christina, our children's minister at the church came to see us Monday night!

Daddy with our 2 boys on Wednesday, 9/21!

Some of our friends from church, The Andersons, also came to visit us on Wednesday!

Sweet Baby Cole!

Our happy Family on Wednesday, 9/21!

Jo-Jo and Baby Cole

Sweet baby smiles at 2 days old, 9/22/11

Baby Cole, ready to leave the hospital on Friday, 9/23!

Leaving the hospital on Friday, 9/23!

Grandma meets Cole for the first time on 9/23!

Baby Cole at 4 days old on 9/24

Playing with his big brother on 9/24!

Connor and Grandma on 9/24

On 9/25, I told Connor to tell his brother, "Good morning," and he refused...however, when I peeped around the corner, he was showing him his cars and talking, quietly, to him!  It was adorable!

Pop and Cole!

Big brother on 9/25!

Memaw and Grandma on 9/25!

Memaw and Papaw with Cole

We went to dinner at Jo-Jo and Grandaddy's on Monday, 9/26, for Mommy's birthday! 

Baby Cole at 6 days old on 9/26!

Jo-Jo and Grandma with Cole and I!

Grandma and Pop with Cole!

Our little family on 9/26!

My mom and I on my birthday, 9/27!

My birthday gift from Jason - the little boy charm that is blue is for Cole!

What could be better than spending my birthday with my boys!?

Adriel and Harper came over later to bring Birthday cupcakes!

Connor, enjoying some birthday cupcakes!


Baby Cole - the best birthday gift EVER! 1 week old!

Connor and Harper, watching Connor's favorite show "Dinosaurs!"

Grandma with her boys!

Jason surprised me with a birthday cake from Blackbird Bakery (best bakery EVER!)  It was an almond cake - my FAVORITE!

And FLOWERS...did I ever tell you all that he is the best husband EVER?!

Connor, telling Baby Cole good morning on 9/28!

Playing on the front porch with my boys...and trying out my new Ergo carrier!

Connor, playing in the leaves in the front yard!

Me and Baby Cole on 9/28

Uncle Glenn and Aunt Shirley even came from Gastonia to visit us today!

What a wonderful experience Cole's birth was!  And let me tell you, I am LOVING being a mommy to 2 boys!  We took Connor to Dr. Whiles on Monday and he has already gained some weight and is now 8 lbs 14 oz (he was down to 8 lbs 6.5 oz when we left the hospital on Friday).  His jaundice number is also down to 7 from 9 and Dr. Whiles said he is looking great!  Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts you all sent our way!