Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Hello Everyone!
We hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as wonderful as ours! Here are some pictures from the weekend!
On Friday, we took Connor to get his 1st Christmas tree! This is us at the lot! This is my new all-time favorite picture of Connor - taken on 11/27 on our way to the tree lot!

The people at the tree log tied us into the car when they tied it on top of our car and Jason had to climb out the window to get out at the house!

This is Connor and I, waiting for Jason to cut us out of the car...maybe we shouldn't have tipped them!

Me with my 3 babies while Daddy set up the Christmas tree!

We did not get much decorating done on Friday because Connor was not having it :) This is Connor on Saturday, 11/28, before we started decorating again. He was pooped!

Connor helping us decorate the tree!

This is Connor grabbing at his toy on 11/28 - this is the first time he ever grabbed for anything!

Daddy's idea for Connor's 1st stocking!

Decorating the tree with mommy!

On the way home from Church Sunday, 11/29 - his new favorite thing is his hand...Just like Cascia's boys!

On Sunday, 11/29, we headed over to Jo-Jo and Grandaddy Greg's for Thanksgiving dinner! This is Connor with his new Belky Bear from Jo-Jo!

Connor with his Granny and Daddy!

Playing with our boy!

Our Family!

We hope you all have a wonderful week!
The Ratliffs

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lots of Exciting days and Connor's 1st Thanksgiving!

Hello Everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have lots of pictures to share from the last week!
This is Connor's new favorite "pose" with his fingers in his mouth...we think he might be teething soon! This was taken on 11/18, when Connor turned 14 weeks old!

We had dinner at Jo Jo and Granddaddy Greg's on 11/18 and saw Granny and Granddad Jim there!

This is Connor on 11/23/09, watching Cars...again :) This was the first day that mommy was able to work all day because JoJo and Granddaddy Greg came over and stayed with Connor all day, while Mommy worked in the study! Connor had a GREAT time and was so good for his grandparents! They were so helpful and we appreciated them so much!

On 11/24, we fed Connor Rice cereal for the first time. He has been spitting up constantly and my best friend, Misty, suggested I try this. So he eats rice cereal once a day now (right before bedtime) and LOVES it! I can't wait to give him fruit next month!

This is to show you how small he is in his high chair!

Look at those big eyes!

This is Connor on 11/25, the day he turned 15 weeks old!

On Thanksgiving Morning, we got up and went to Granny's before heading up to Big Stone Gap!

Our little Thanksgiving Blessing!

Connor and his Granny! PS - thanks for the adorable outfit, Aunt Dee, and for the hat, Jo Jo!

At Papaw's house with Aunt Leona and Mamaw!

With his Uncle Cotton!

Connor and his Papaw!

Papaw and Daddy entertaining Connor!

How adorable is he?!

Uncle Jared and Erin at Thanksgiving!

Our little family in front of the tree!

And finally, this is Connor on 11/27 sitting in his Bumbo chair for the first time, like a big boy!!!

More pictures later, we're getting Connor his first Christmas tree today! WOO HOO!

Friday, November 20, 2009

More Pictures!

Hello Everyone!
We hope you all had a great week! We are doing very well and wanted to share some pictures from the last week! On Saturday, 11/14, we headed to Knoxville to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with Connor at the zoo. Unfortunately, we did not realize it was free day at the zoo and it was so crowded that we did not get to see anything. Jason did get to show Connor all the Rhinos and their poop :) However, we left there, downhearted, and headed back to Bristol. On the way, we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel and ended up having a WONDERFUL time, sitting in the rocking chairs, talking, and listening to music. Here are some pictures from Cracker Barrel...
On Sunday, 11/15, we headed up to Big Stone Gap to visit with the Ratliffs :) Here is Connor sitting with his Memaw!

Connor and Mamaw!

I love this picture - you can see how much Connor adores his Papaw - here he's sitting with Mamaw, but turned around, staring at Papaw while he tells us a story!

Our little family outside Papaw's house!

This was on Monday, 11/16, Connor in his bouncy seat, watching Cars...again...

On Monday night, sitting with daddy, AGAIN, watching Cars...

Tuesday, 11/17, was mine and Jason's 2nd wedding anniversary! Thanks for all the well-wishes and cards! We loved them! This is me with my gift from Jason! My very favorite type of gift!

I had a calendar made for Jason with some of our favorite pictures!

This is Connor and I on 11/18 with the flowers that he and Daddy sent me for our anniversary!

We hope you've all enjoyed! Have a great weekend!
The Ratliffs