Sunday, November 27, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For...

Wow have we been busy!  I'll get right to the pictures, but first some stats on Baby Cole!!  I took him to the doctor on 11/21, a day after he turned 2 months old, and he now weighs 15.7 lbs (104th % - yes you read that right!!!) and is 23.5 inches long (71st %) and his head is at 75%.  He was started on some medicine to see if we can stop his projectile vomiting and if not he has to have a sonogram on his lower esophageal sphincter at his 4 month check up.  So far he's done great on the medicine and not thrown up once!  We also have to take him to Connor's eye doctor in December :(  Seems we might have 2 little ones in glasses before 2012.  However, we are praising God for his otherwise GREAT health!

This is Cole on 11/17 (Mine and Jason's 4th anniversary!) This is his favorite position to sleep in!

This is Jason and his Mini-Me "Moose!!!" on 11/19

Couldn't get this one turned around.  This is my little Moose!!! on 11/21, waiting at the doctor!

On Wednesday night, 11/23, we decided to start some Thanksgiving traditions in our household!  We started with Christmas carols and then enjoyed some Christmas cartoons and gingerbread cookies!

9 weeks old!

Connor LOVES his baby brother and especially loves giving him kisses!

I couldn't get some of these turned around...this is Cole on Thanksgiving morning!

At Papaw's house on Thanksgiving!  Connor was QUITE the ladies man!  here he is with his friend, Danielle, and his cousin, Ashley!  

Nana and Baby Cole

Like I said...ladies man!

Mamaw and Baby Cole!

Papaw and Baby Cole!

Momaw and Baby Cole!

...Baby's Cole's buddy, Uncle Randy!

Connor and Papaw, collecting an egg from Papaw's chickens!

Feeding the chickens!

Feeding Papaw's coy with his cousin, Kaleigh!

Cole and Momaw!



Playing with Papaw!

Another one that I couldn't turn :(  This is Cole the day after Thanksgiving!

On Saturday, 11/26, we headed over to Jo-Jo and Granddaddy's for a second Thanksgiving dinner!  Here is Cole with Grandpa Jim!

With Jo-Jo, Granny, and Grandpa Jim! 

Granddaddy and Jo-Jo!


Enjoying a FEAST!

Some after-dinner smiles!

He even enjoyed watching the Tech game with Granddaddy!


We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and were most thankful for all that you have been given!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Newbie Photoshoot Pictures!

Check em' out!!!  Our friends from Sunday School have a photo business on the side and did these awesome newborn pictures for us!  Let me know what you think!


This is "Moose!!!" on 11/7!

And, after leaving the boys for a few minutes, on 11/9, this is how I found them!!