Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Little MOOSE Can Roll Over!

Yes, you read that correctly!  Unfortunately, although I watched him, continuously, with camera in hand, Cole rolled for the first time while in the nursery at church, during my weekly Bible Study.  In the words of Daphne from Scooby Doo, “Sheesh!”  Here are some pictures from our week!

The boys on 2/19, when they first woke up

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On 2/20, we pulled out the big high chair for Cole, who just turned 5 months old!  He loves to sit next to his brother,while we eat dinner!

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The boys, later that night, when I caught Connor kissing Cole! 

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This is Cole, on 2/22, showing me his tongue – this makes him laugh, hysterically! 

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Who does THIS look like?!

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My precious baby!  Today he showed me a random Star Wars figure and was our conversation:  Connor:  “Mommy, who is that?” Me: “I don’t know, it looks like Daddy.”  Connor: “Mommy, you are so smart.”  Me:  “Thank you Connor, you are smart, too.”  Connor:  “Thank you SO much, Mommy, really…”  LOVE this boy!

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On 2/23, we headed over to Adriel’s house!  Harper just loves Baby Cole! 

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Bubby and Mommy on 2/24!

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On 2/25 Connor said one of the cutest things I have ever heard a child say.  He had just gotten up from his afternoon nap and Baby Cole was just waking up from his nap, in his swing.  Baby Cole was babbling, loudly, as he likes to do lately and Connor came to me and said, “Mommy, can you get Baby Cole up, please?”  So I said, “Sure, Connor, is he bothering you?”  And Connor said, “No, Mommy, he’s my best friend.”  Ahh…my dream come true!

This is Baby Cole, after he just rolled over!  Notice his tongue out Smile  He sticks his tongue out and when I notice he, he laughs hysterically!

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Connor and his brother, enjoying lunch on 2/26!

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After lunch, I found Connor in the window, with Seany Smile

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Here are some videos for you Smile

This is Baby Cole, “talking” on 2/26

This is a video of Connor, playing on 2/26–He is so funny–I have to video him when he doesn’t know it or he will stop so you can only see his back :)

Have a great week!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine’s Day…and the Rest of the Week in Our Crazy House

What a great week!  To start off last week, Adriel and I ran on Saturday morning, 2/11, in a virtual run for a woman named Sherry Arnold.  For those of you who do not know, Sherry was a victim of a horrific murder in January of this year when she went running one morning in her home state of Montana.  Here’s a link to the story:  Anyway – her cousin organized a virtual run in Sherry’s honor.  Here are Adriel and I on the morning of the race.  We decided to run the Anderson Street bridge, outside in the snow, and have a prayer for Sherry before continuing our runs on the treadmills at the Y.  I was very happy to be a part of this memorial to Sherry.


This is Connor and Harper at the gym on Monday, 2/13!


My boys in their matching outfits on 2/13!


For those of you who I’ve known forever, I’m sure you remember my best friend, Misty.  Well, I am sad to say that her Nana, Gloria Crossett, passed away on Monday, 2/13, at the age of 88.  She was such a wonderful woman and always a special part of my life.  Misty’s family lived with Nana so I practically grew up with her.  This is a picture of Misty and I with Nana at her 80th birthday party in 2004.


These are the beautiful flowers that my wonderful husband sent me on Valentine’s Day!


My Sweet Connor on Valentine’s Day

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Connor & Cole with their Valentine’s Day goodies

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In his new Valentine’s Day outfit from Adriel Smile

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On Thursday, 2/16, Cole and I headed back to Dr. While’s office with sinus infections (both of us)…this is Cole, waiting at the doctor


This is Cole on 2/17

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Connor, playing with some of his trains on 2/17

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Cole on 2/17

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And for those of you who have not seen it on Facebook – this is Connor, reading his new favorite book Smile

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jolly Little Cole…

This is from 2/8

Video Fun With The Ratliff Boys!

Thanks to my awesome friend, Alanna, I found a solution to my sideways picture problem!!  I also have a solution to adding videos to the blog!  Thanks, Alanna! 

This first video is from 1/8 – Connor singing “Dinosaur Train” Smile

This next video is from 2/1 and it’s HILLARIOUS!  Turn the volume all the way up Smile

This is Baby Cole, sticking his tongue out at me on 2/4

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Glimpse Into Our Last Few Weeks...

Unfortunately, I'm having issues with you can see a lot of pictures will not rotate.  UGH!  Bear with me...this sort of thing drives someone slightly OCD, like myself, absolutely NUTS!  But...since I haven't posted in so long - I wanted to be sure to get these in there.  Since having Cole, of course, I am much busier and usually just taking quick pictures with my I Phone - for some reason, regardless of which photo program I use on my laptop, the pictures will not be rotated when I upload them to blogger.  So, again...sorry.  I hope you'll turn your pretty heads to the side and enjoy a couple of pictures of our last few weeks!

This is our sweet Baby Cole on 1/16, on his way to the gym!

The boys on 1/17, holding hands.  I came out of the shower and found them like this :)

Baby Cole on his way into the gym on a cold January 19th! 

He LOVES his Sophie giraffe from Adriel - ALWAYS chews on it!

This is where I found Connor sitting on 1/20 - silly boy!

On 1/21 we went to see Papaw and Memaw!  Connor was so excited and had so much fun running around that he fell asleep while eating dinner!

Baby Cole fell asleep while we were eating, too! 

This is the boys on 1/23, watching Mickey Mouse together :)

And baby Cole on 1/24 (4 months old).  Check out those chunky legs!!!!  Isn't he precious?!  He now weighs 20 lbs and is in the 104th %.  He is in size 4 diapers and either 9 month or 12 month clothes!!  His waiste is officially bigger than Connor's.

This is Connor and Harper, on 1/25, when we were leaving the gym.  Giving kisses!

The boys, in their jammies, on 1/27!

Playing dinosaurs with Daddy and Brother on 1/28!

We realized that Connor was constantly asking us to read him the "scary" parts of his books (like in Rudolph the Abominable Snow Monster is his favorite part) so I ordered him some old Scooby Doo videos!  He absolutely LOVES them!  I'm so excited to watch them with him!

Cole, on the other not amused!

Baby Cole on 2/1, helping me with the laundry!

And sticking his tongue out at me on 2/3!

Around the house on 2/8!

My little Cheese Head and Moose :)

He is ALWAYS holding onto Sophie!

"Are you sure about this, Mommy?"

My baby!!!

My sweet little Moose!

Sorry it's been so long!  We are all doing well, just very busy!  The boys are healthy and happy!  I'm training for my first 10K with Adriel on St. Patty's Day and involved in several Bible Studies...Oh yea and working quite a bit for Amy!  God is SO good to us!

Have a great week!