Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Fabulous Week!

Another week has passed!  Life is great!  Connor took his first steps on Thursday, 9/23 to my surprise and WOW was he proud of himself!  It was amazing!  Unfortunately, he is sick and after our doctor's appointment on Thursday I found out he has bronchitis and an ear infection.  He is doing well on his first round of Augmentin, despite a nasty rash!  But...the good news is that he is in good spirits!  Happier than ever!  We had a busy week filled with work, school, and of course, lots of gym time, and play time!  Connor goes to the YMCA nursery for an hour a day M-F while I run on the eliptical machine and study.  He LOVES it in there and has made lots of friends.  His favorite friend to play with is an adorable little red-head named Harper.  She is 3 months older than him, to the day.  Her birthday is 5/12/09!  I met her mom, Adriel, on Monday and we decided to have a playdate since Connor and Harper play so well together.  What a great idea!  Connor and Harper had a wonderful time and played for over 2 hours at our house!  It was great!  I found out that Harper's pediatrician is Dr. Makres (same as Connor's), she was delivered by Dr. Samuel (same as Connor), and she lives less than 10 minutes from our house!  WOO HOO!  I think she and Connor will be in the same grade and attend the same elementary school, too!  So exciting!  Adriel and I decided to make Friday afternoon our weekly play date for the babies!

Ok - onto the pictures!

On Monday, 9/20, Connor finally figured out how to play in his hide away tent!  Here you can see just his little legs hanging out while he played with his cars "in private" :)

This is one of Connor's favorite things to do - he loves to look at his Cars poster and point to each of the cars!  Here he is on Wednesday, 9/22!

Here is Connor, anticipating Harper's arrival, on Friday, 9/24!

Here Connor is, showing Harper his new car!

Reading books with Harper (He tried SO HARD to show her his cars, but she was just not interests :)

Harper on the move!

Connor, flirting with Harper's mommy, Adriel :)

Sharing Harper's pretzels with her, even though she didn't offer!!

What a sweet Harper hugs!

Putting gas in the car for her!

Beautiful little Harper!

"Hey, how'd you get up there?!  I've never been up there!"

We were inside all day Saturday, 9/25, because poor Connor was not feeling well :(  Here he is helping me cook dinner and playing some music!

And just one more treat for you all before you go...a video of Connor walking!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Week Filled With Fun!

Another fun-filled week has passed!  I have been so busy with school, studying, working, and taking care of Connor that the weeks are flying by!  We had a great week filled with lots of fun on the swings and lots of playing with toys!  Connor is such a good boy and he's so happy (I say this as I listen to him screaming his head off in the monitor, as he fights sleep) :)  Here are some pictures from our week!

On Tuesday, 9/14, it was Jared's birthday so we all went to the Tavern to celebrate!  Here's our big boy at Uncle Jared's birthday party!

Granny and Jim

Granny and Jason

Granddaddy and JoJo

Jared and Nick

The Ratliff boys!

Me and Boogies!

Our little family!

Me and my 2 brothers-in-law!

He loves his uncles!

On Thursday, 9/16, Connor did some serious playin!

Later that day...

These are from Friday, 9/17 - Connor's favorite thing to do on the swings is ride on the teeter toter with me!

Crying because I stopped pushing him to take his picture!

On Saturday, 9/18, we headed down to Knoxville to the big UT/UF game!  Papaw gave us tickets and we even brought Mike and Sarah!  It was great!  Here are some pictures!

Connor, showing his Gator pride in the land of the Big Orange :)

There were actually a LOT of Gator fans there - I mean a LOT!  I was really surprised!  Great game and of COURSE we wooped em'!!!!!  DUH!  Here is a picture Jason got of UF's band!

Mike and Sarah at the game!

See, you can see lots of blue up there!!!  Awesome time!

We love you all!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Swinging in His Own Backyard!

We had a great week, this week, playing on Connor's new swingset!  Connor loves the swings and we literally spend hours out there everyday!  He actually likes to go on the teeter-totter with me, the best, and we swing together on there for hours, but I couldn't get a picture of it because I'm on there with him!  Connor seems to be getting closer and closer to walking...babies typically walk around 13-15 months and Connor was 13 months as of yesterday!  He also started saying "Tickle, tickle" this week when we tickle him! 

Onto the pictures!  These are from Wednesday, 9/8!

This is from Thursday, 9/9!

Sitting on the picnic bench on his swingset!  He loves sitting there!

He likes eating it too :)

And, of course, riding on Lightening McQueen!

We love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!