Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fender's Farm and Pumpkin Patch!

Hello Everyone!  Jason and I decided to take the kiddies to Fender's Farm, in Jonesborough, on Friday, for some Fall Fun!  Here are some pictures of our trip over there! 

This is Connor, realizing that we were at the pumpkin patch and he was going to get to pick a pumpkin to carve with his Daddy! (We have been reading him lots of Halloween books the past few weeks!)  Oh and check out those dinosaurs!  He is COMPLETELY obsessed with dinosaurs and trains now...Lightening McQueen, who?!

Harper and Connor, on a hay ride to the play area in the corn field!

Adriel and I with our hands full :)

They even had farm animals - Connor was PARTICULARLY excited about feeding the pigs!

Ok - I was completely hysterical taking these pictures.  They had this huge jumpy "mound" in the field and Adriel and Jason took the big kids jumping while Cole and I took pictures and laughed at how funny they looked!! 

I love this shot - looks like they are levitating!!!!

My boys!

Caught all 4 of them in the air!

Love those mountains in the background!

This one cracks me up too!  Adriel is hilarious!

Connor, playing with the grass!

Me and my "little" pumpkin!

Connor and his Daddy, finding the perfect pumpkin!

I love this one...Looks like Connor is saying, "Ok...I got this, Dad..."

Adriel and Harper picked a pumpkin, too!

"This is the one, Mommy!"

Me and my very own little pumpkin!

Adriel and Harper!

A proud Momma and her two beautiful boys!

Our family!

And finally, this is our precious Cole on Sunday, 10/23!  He will be 5 weeks old in 2 days!

I think his face is starting to change some, but he still looks just like Jason's brother, Nick, to me!

Have a fantastic week, everyone!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's FALL!!!

I hope you're all doing well!  Wanted to post a couple of new pics while I have a second (both boys are napping!!)  Here are some bath pictures of baby Cole on 10/14 at almost 4 weeks old!  As you can see, much like his brother at this age, he HATES being bathed :)

Look at that belly!

My "little" guy!


On 10/15, we took Connor and Cole to King College's campus, with Adriel and Harper so they could run around in the awesome crisp weather!

My sweet boy!

A little scholar!

Me and the little in the papoose!

Connor LOVES to run outside and roll in the grass!

Connor and Harper scaring Adriel!

It was SUPER windy!

Cole, later that afternoon!  25 days old and HUGE!

Later that day, Connor and Daddy kicked the ball in our front yard while Mommy and Cole watched on the porch!

This is Cole on 10/17, the day he stopped fitting into newborn clothes and size 1 diapers...yep, friends, he's gonna be a linebacker!

On 10/17, he was sweating, while the rest of us were freezing, so I had to unbutton his shirt and let him cool off :)

And finally, our precious little guy on 10/20, at 1 month old! 

We took him to the doctor yesterday and Cole now weighs 12.1 lbs (96th %) and is 22 inches tall (68th %) and his head is in the 88th %.  That's up from 8.14 lbs and 20.5 inches just 3 weeks ago.  I looked at Connor's first year book and he was 12.6 lbs and 22 inches at 2 months old!  Dr. Whiles said he looks great and that he'd much rather see newborns tipping the scale on the large side than the opposite!  He said to keep doing whatever I'm doing and come back in a month!  I asked him if Cole is this big because of my having diabetes and he said that is why Cole grew so large inside of me, but once he's on the outside, it's purely genetics.  SO...since Jason and I were tiny babies (I think I weighed 12 lbs at 8 months old) I'm wondering which of you relatives was a HUGE baby?! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy With 2 Boys!

Hello Everyone!  We've been busy, busy, busy with our precious boys!  Here are a few pictures for you!

This is Cole and I on October 3rd when he was almost 2 weeks old!  Check out those dimples!

On Thursday, 10/7, we tried to take Connor to the park, however the stink bugs are out in SWARMS and Connor, as well as myself, were TERRIFIED of the dive-bombing bugs!  So this is the only picture I shot before we ran out of there like little girls :)

Some pictures from 10/8, when Cole was 2 1/2 weeks old...

And finally, we had a photoshoot with our good friends, The Swearengens, on 10/9!  It was AWESOME!  These are the only 2 pictures we have previews of so far!  There are lots more to come and I can't wait to show them to all of you!  They are AWESOME photographers...and even fed us dinner after our shoot! Cole is almost 3 weeks old in these pictures...

We hope you are all doing well!  Cole will be 4 weeks old on Tuesday - I can hardly believe it!  He's doing GREAT and HUGE!!!!!  As for myself, healing is slower than I'd like and I'm constantly trying not to overdo it!  xoxo