Thursday, July 10, 2014

Georgia On My Mind…

Hey Everyone!  It’s been a little while since my last post because, well, we’ve been getting settled in our new home in Georgia…something that is not easy when you have 3 little ones to chase after!  We are moved in and settled, for the most part, and could not possibly love it more!  We have joined such a wonderful church and are enjoying every second we spend with them!  Here are some pictures from the last month. 

June 12th

Blog 2

Picture that Connor made…Blog 3

June 13th…in her favorite aisle at the grocery store!

Blog 1

June 15th, Daddy’s last day at Munsey UMC! In a special dress that Adriel made!Blog 1

Even Aunt Kecia and Aunt Teresa came to see daddy’s last sermon at Munsey!Blog 2Blog 3

June 16th, last appointment at Dr. Whiles’ office.  She is 9 months old and weighs 16.7 lbs and is 28 inches long.  Blog 1Blog 2

Later that day, JoJo and Granddaddy came over to help us pack up the house!  Caroline loves wearing granddaddy’s hat!Blog 3

June 19th was the day we loaded up the moving van and moved to Georgia!  Some of the guys from our new church were kind enough to drive up to help us load up!  We are so grateful to them as well as JoJo and Granddaddy and Papaw and Uncle Nick and Sean, who helped us with all the packing and moving!Blog 1blog 2Blog 3Blog 4

See ya later, Hill Top Circle…Here we come Prospect Road!

Blog 5

June 24th

Blog 1

VBS started the week we arrived at Prospect UMC…this is the class room I was in with Mr. BrandonBlog 2

Sissy enjoyed VBS, too!Blog 3

We even have  pictures hung!  We could not have done any of this without the help of our dear church family!Blog 4Blog 5Blog 6

June 25th

Blog 1

Cole and his BFF, Mr. BrandonBlog 2

Sissy on 6/27Blog 1

June 28thBlog 1

June 29th at 10 months oldBlog 1

June 30th at her new Doctor…poor baby had a fever for a few days…Blog 1

On 7/1 we had our first visitor in Georgia!  Our friend, Katie, stopped to have lunch with us on her way to her parents’ house in Atlanta!  So good to see her and Peter!Blog 1Blog 4Blog 2

Our new house key…Umm…at least it’s not orange and white, right Winking smileBlog 3

On 7/2 we headed to our friend, Mr. Kenneth’s, house for a pool day!  The boys and sissy had a blast!Blog 1Blog 2Blog 3Blog 4Blog 5Blog 6Blog 7Blog 8Blog 9

Back to the pool on 7/3!Blog 1Blog 2

On July 4th, we played outside and then went to dinner with some friends and to watch fireworks.  It was so much fun catching fireflies with the boys and watching them experience fireworks for the first time!Blog 1Blog 2Blog 3

Sissy in her new pool on 7/5Blog 1Blog 2

On 7/7, Uncle Darryl and Dollye came to visit us at our house and then took us out to lunch!  It is always wonderful to see them!Blog 1Blog 2

Our new deck furniture for prayer meetings that our dear friends gave us!  We are SO blessed!Blog 3