Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boogie's 2nd Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Connor had an AWESOME 2nd Halloween!  My pictures got a little messed up because they changed Blogger around - so the pictures from Halloween at Papaw's are first and the pictures from Halloween Eve at the Swearingens are second :) 

Here is Connor, with his Papaw, on Halloween, dressed in his bones costume!

Sissy loved Connor and kept wanting him to pet her!

Helping Papaw get ready for Christmas!

"Here Papaw, I'll show you how it's done!"

"First let me read these directions!"

As most of you know, Connor LOVES our orange cat, Diablo!  In fact, Diablo used to be MY cat, but I'm pretty sure he's traded me in for Connor!  So we thought that the purrfect :) costume for Connor would be an orange tiger!  Connor calls Diablo "Na-Na" so we declare that Connor IS Na-Na!!

Here he is, riding to the Halloween party at the Swearingen's house!

My little Na-Na!


Daddy and Na-Na!

Our little family on Halloween!

Awesome party and a great group of friends!

Boogies first time trick or treating!  He was so excited to run around and up and down the stairs that he really didn't care much about the actual trick or treating!

Our usual "feet" picture...this time in costume :)

There were a LOT of trick or treaters in the tree streets!

Our group!

Richard and Lucy the Spider!

Mack - as Harry Potter "The Seeker" :)

Harry Potter and Na-Na!

He was SO excited!

Our dear friends, the Nguyens!  And yes, that's Turner as the number 7 - Tricia said that she had been talking about being a 7 for weeks!  Hands down, best costume of the year!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Come to Visit!

What a great week!  I have not had a second to post pictures from last week!  Some big things have happened - my parents visited for a week and got to spend LOTS of time with Connor.  Connor also started talking!  On Monday, 10/25, while Jason was feeding him his oatmeal for breakfast, Connor said, "Hot!"  Ever since that morning he has been saying everything!  It's amazing!  He has said the following:  DJ, Doc (cars from his movie), sock, duck, that, no, and others that I can't remember now!  He is amazing!  Here are some pictures from our week!

These are from our playdate with Harper and Adriel on 10/22!  Playing in the leaves!

Connor prefers to eat the leaves!

Little Harper in the leaves!

On Saturday, 10/23, we headed over to my parent's cabin in Blowing Rock, North Carolina!  Here, we can clearly see that Connor has Grandpa and grandma wrapped around his finger!

Trying on Grandpa's fishing gear!

Connor, fishing with Grandpa, on 10/24!

Cousin Amy came to visit us on Sunday!

Fishing with Grandpa again on 10/26!

On Friday, 10/29, Mommy got the stomach flu - AGAIN :(  So, Connor got to spend lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa!  Here he is feeding the ducks!

And now we have Halloween!  So exciting!  Tonight we are headed to our friends, the Swearingen's house, for a Halloween party and some good ole' fashioned Trick or Treating in the Tree Streets in Johnson City!  Then tomorrow we're headed to Papaw's house so Connor can trick or treat there!  Can't wait to post the pictures of his costume!