Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Week On the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

We had a fantastic week on the Outer Banks of North absolute favorite beaches EVER!  If you haven't been there, you MUST check it out.  It's so peaceful and beautiful...and there are no chain restaurants!  I know I've said it before, but I can't begin to tell you how delicious the food is!  Due to being pregnant this time around, I was unable to enjoy the yummy seafood that I look forward to all year long, however I was allowed to splurge 2 different times...and MAN did I enjoy those splurges!  YUM!

Onto the pictures!  We left on Saturday, 5/21, and really enjoyed our time together during the 10 hour drive!  We even decided on a name for our newest son!  We had several we were choosing between, but decided to go with Cole Lewis!  Cole is a name we both liked, and it was my great grandfather's name and Lewis is Jason and his dad's middle name and also his great grandfather's name!  We hope you like it as much as we do :) 

This is the house that we stayed at in Avon, NC, on Hatteras Island!  It was AWESOME!

Our first early morning beach walk with Connor and Cole on 5/22!

Connor LOVED it and kept calling out "BEACH!"

I love this next picture!

Later that day, we went to the beach for some fun in the sand!  Connor LOVES sand!

Granny and Grandpa Jim in front of our house "Summer Breeze"

Connor and Mommy, walking to the beach!  We were right across the street, but had to walk down about 3 houses to get to a walkway because the dunes on this beach were VERY high!

Connor with his Grandaddy and Jo-Jo!

Connor with Mommy and Jo-Jo at the beach!

Our little family!

I was 21 weeks pregnant here!

Loving him some sand!

Grandaddy was a GREAT sand castle builder!

Me and Mama Jo (and Cole) ;)

Seriously think it's his favorite place to be!

Connor and Grandpa Jim

Cole and I, enjoying the sun with TONS of sunscreen on :)

Relaxin' on the balcony, waiting to go to dinner!

This was at 22 weeks pregnant!

After a delicious dinner at the Sandbar on 5/23!

Uncle Jared (who is now known as "Unc") and Allie

Two lovely couples!

CRAZY wind-hair!

On Tuesday, 5/24, we tried to take Connor to Pirate Island.  However, we soon found that a 21 month old would rather just splash in the pool and play in the sand and stay on his eat/sleep/poop schedule.  So, this day was not so much fun!  This was the last day that we tried to do "excursions" :)

In the Pirate Museum!

Playing in the pillows, about 2 minutes before he threw himself onto a ledge and almost knocked 5 of his front teeth out - was a BLOODY, SCREAMING mess!  His lip was swollen for the rest of the trip!  But at least he had fun right before it happened!

That night, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Atlantic Coast Cafe - a new favorite!

Our group

On 5/25, we had a great dinner at Breakwaters!  Yummy crab cakes!  Here's Daddy and Unc!

On 5/26 - another awesome walk on the beach first thing in the morning!  It was super breezy out so Daddy and Connor got to see some people flying kites!  Connor LOVES kites!

Our little Boogies!

Our last meal, at Dolphin Den!  YUM!  I know there are a lot of pictures of us at restaurants and that is truly one of our favorite parts of every night!  Getting together with the entire family and enjoying a DELICIOUS, fresh meal!  It was GREAT!  Besides...we were so busy running after Connor all week, who could remember to take pictures?!

On Thursday, Jason and I had to spend an evening in Labor and Delivery at The Outer Banks Hospital.  Seems that Cole is just like his brother, and rearin to get out and see the world!  I had a lot of pressure and bad contractions, so my doctor wanted me to get checked.  Thank the Lord, I was not dilated and was told again what to do about contractions (like I'm not an old pro by now) :)  The good news is (if we're trying to find good news in this) that we got a great water cup for our $250 copay - hey - I'm trying to find the good in so I don't cry over the $250!!!!

We hope you've enjoyed!  We are already counting down the days until next years' trip to the Outer Banks...our favorite vacation spot!