Monday, June 27, 2011

Well, it's been a little while because we haven't taken many pictures!  It's been so rainy outside that we haven't been taking too many pictures.  We have enjoyed lots of fun times at the gym and also at Wallabies with Adriel and Harper. Here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks...and some videos at the end :)

This is me at 25 weeks pregnant!

On 6/24, Jason and I were SUPER excited to take Connor to see his first movie at the theater!  He LOVED Cars 2 and sat in his own seat through the entire movie!  I took this picture with my I Phone on the way into the movie, so it's not very good.

On Saturday, 6/25, Harper and Adriel came over to play!  We got Connor a new sandbox and the kids LOVED going from sand, to pool, to swingset!


On Sunday afternoon, Jason and I decided to enjoy the nice weather outside, again!  Connor LOVED his pool - even though this one popped too :(  And LOVED eating some melon, outside! 

This is our newest resident!  We have yet to name her, but think she's sitting on a nest in our gutter!

This is me, at 26 weeks pregnant!  I'm 27 weeks today!

Playing in the yard with Daddy!

This video is from 6/16, when Connor was "reading" to me :) 

This is Connor, playing in his pool, on 6/21!

And this is Connor on 6/25, in the pool, with Harper!

Have a great week!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Some More Videos From Last Week!

This is from the zoo on 6/10!  Connor was SO excited to play in that little creek, that he just spent several minutes running around like a crazy person, screaming! 

As Brian, our Senior Pastor, said, "That boy's got Jesus...and a do rag, too!"

This is Connor, later that evening, discussing his recent trip to the zoo, over dinner...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...How About You, You You...You Can Come Too, Too Too...We're Going To The Zoo, Zoo Zoo!

What a wonderful week!  Adriel and I decided that a trip to the zoo was just what our families needed this week!  After a week of swimming lessons, pool fun, and lots of heat, we all headed off to Knoxville to the zoo with the Slaughters and their friends!  We had a great time and MORE importantly...Connor rode a CAMEL!!!!  Friends, he has not yet stopped talking about that camel he rode with his Daddy!!!

Onto the pictures!  This is when we first got to the zoo!  It was nice and early - around 10 AM and the weather was great (at that time ;)...

In the butterfly room!

Connor and Harper

Showing Connor the coy in the pond!

NEXT...Connor rode a CAMEL!  Did I mention that yet?!  Here we are, petting a small camel, before the big adventure!  Connor LOVED the camel...I was just happy he didn't spit on us :)

Connor and Daddy, getting ready for their big ride!

Chris and Harper on the camel!

At last!  Mind you, the entire time he was on this camel, he continuously told himself "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay."  He was terrified!  But as soon as he got off, it was all he could talk about :)

This was a VERY entertaining monkey!

Connor LOVED him!

Besides the camel ride, I do believe that Connor's favorite part was playing in the little stream with his stick!

It's hard work splashin' in this creek!

"Who me?!"

Next, we attempted the carousel...and although Harper loved it, Connor was NOT amused! 

I love the horrified look on his face!

Harp on an elephant!!

And before we left, we just had to visit the "gooks!"  Connor delighted in feeding each and everyone of them a blade of hay!

He was THRILLED to see a real "Ship!!!"

24 weeks pregnant!  As of tomorrow, I'm officially in the 3rd trimester, at 25 weeks!  Time is FLYING!  It's definitely time to work on Connor's big boy room so that we can use the nursery for little Cole!

On the way home, he lasted about 2 minutes in the car before passing out!

On Saturday, 6/11, we headed over to the Spangler's house for Maelen's 2nd birthday party!  Here's the only picture I have from there - Connor in his favorite position...downward dog!

This is a video of Connor from 6/8, when he and Harper were playing in the pool at our house!

I have 2 more videos from our zoo trip to add, but am unable to add them now for some reason so I'll check back later and see if I can sneak them on here!

Hope you've enjoyed!

PS - did I mention that Connor RODE a CAMEL!?