Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This was the first Halloween that Connor REALLY loved Trick or Treating and all the Halloween festivities!  It was really a lot of fun to take him around the Tree Street with our friends from Sunday School.  It was the first year that he really understood what was going on and loved all of it!  Here are some pictures of our night!

This is a picture of us with our friend, Sarah Kate, the Zombie!

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My little dragon and T-Rex

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Group shot!

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Blog 4

Connor and his buddy, “Woosy” ready for trick or treating!

Blog 5

Trick or Treating with Daddy!

Blog 6

Blog 7

It’s hard carrying a dragon all over the neighborhood!

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Blog 11

And one more…Cole was so happy grocery shopping with me this morning Smile

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