Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Ok – getting caught up…Hope your New Year was great!

This is Connor, POOPED after all the Christmas, on 12/27…1

Sister’s first time in the activity center!2

12/29/13 – 4 months old!1

On 12/30, Caroline began getting sick…little did we know what was coming…RSV and it was NASTY!1

The boys LOVED the movie Coraline!2

New Year’s Eve and our baby girl was SO sick Sad smile1

We spent a lot of our New Year’s Day in the ER with Caroline because she was having difficulty breathing and also vomiting everything she ate.1

The boys enjoyed some fun games!2

1/2/14, watching Coraline with my babies1

The boys’ new pet fish from Papaw and Mamaw!3

On 1/3 Caroline began feeling a little bit better and we got her new activity center that she got for Christmas Smile1

And we had family game night!2

On 1/4 Caroline had her first taste of baby Oatmeal and LOVED IT!  She’s a pro now and loves all the fruits and veggies I’ve made for her!  My friend Adriel was kind enough to give me her baby food maker!123

1/7/14 – Starting this process up again.1

And the boys are finally playing so well together…2

1/9/14 – Ready to go out in the snow…1


1/11/14 – playing with the boys1

1/12/14 – children’s time at church123

Cole loves to dress up!4


No-Nap Cole….2


He said he looks like “Grandpa’s mustache..”23

1/15/14 with her new boots from Adriel Smile


1/16/14 – Caroline says, “I can date, WHEN?!”1

1/17/14 – Sweet baby girl Winking smile1

1/18/14 – play date with Harper1

No-Nap Cole again…2


In most places this is “ants on a log…” at our house…”Stink bugs on a log…”3


My little Power Ranger23

And this is the day he decided to put a whole jar of Vaseline in his hair…4


1/15/14…I just can’t help myself1

Have a great month!

Christmas In The Ratliff House

Hello Everyone!  Sorry it’s been so long…I would consider apologizing, however, I have 3 children…enough said.  Here are some Christmas pictures!

Here is Caroline and Grandpa on 12/231

On 12/24 we decided to have our Christmas at our house since we would be gone all day on Christmas.  We got up early and after a special pancake breakfast we opened our presents before Daddy headed to church!  After Connor took the class pet, Teddy, home for the weekend, Cole was devastated to let him go, so Cole got his very own Teddy and named him “Special Teddy.”1234567891011121314

Onto Christmas!  We went to Granny and Grandpa Jim’s house on 12/25 and then headed to JoJo and Granddaddy’s house for some more Christmas fun!12345678910111213141617181920212223

This is Caroline with her new doll, Caroline Smile1

And on 12/26 we headed up to Big Stone Gap to spend Christmas with Papaw and Mamaw!


Caroline’s 1st American Girl doll!  I was WAY too excited about this…14

But not as excited as I am about my new soon-to-be sister in law in the background here!  We love you, Ashley and are SO excited for your wedding this June!15

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!