Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Boys…

I hope you have all been doing well!  We have been busy busy in the Ratliff household!  Playing, watching Scooby Doo, running, and growing!  I’ll get right to the goods…

This is Baby Cole on 3/13 in his new Moose shirt from my friend, Aaron!  It fit him for 1 day.  He is now in size 12 month clothes Smile


Baby Cole, lounging in bed, 3/14…


My Connor, looking like a brontosaurus as he eats his kale Smile


On St. Patty’s Day, Adriel and I ran a 10 K called Chasing Snakes, in Johnson City.  It was my first ever 10 K and it was AWESOME.  We finished in 1:01:43


Later that day, the boys and I had dinner with Jason when he got a break from Local Pastor’s School and was able to eat with us!


Sweet Cole on 3/19…6 months old on 3/20!


Swinging at Harper’s house on 3/20!  The first time Baby Cole was on a swing!


6 months old!


Pretty Little Harper, dancing in the yard!


Later, as we were leaving, Connor ran into the street and had a time out.  Well, Harper was so upset that he was in time out that she sat right beside him and cried the entire 2 minutes…this is truly precious!


3/21, Reading bedtime stories to the boys!



My sweet little Moose on 3/22!


My precious boys on 3/25, ready to head to church – Connor, 31 months, Cole, 6 months


This is where I found Connor on 3/26 when I came out of the kitchen.  He decided that 9 AM was nap time Smile


Later that day, I don’t think Connor was feeling well.  The boys laying on the couch together Smile



That evening, while I was making dinner, Jason surprised me with an AWESOME gift!  The outer circle says, “Of all blessings, you are my favorite” (something he writes in all of my cards), and the inner circle has our names on it. 


Connor, enjoying his pudding




The boys on 3/27


And Baby Cole in Connor’s 3T pajamas that night.  Baby pj’s are so tight that I can’t get them on Cole’s arms or legs!  So he’s wearing brothers Winking smile


Today, 3/29, is a BEAUTIFUL day and we decided to try out the park!  We met Adriel and Harper there and the boys had a blast! 

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Swinging with brother!

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Cole LOVES the swing, just like Connor did!  On the left is Baby Cole, at 6 months on 3/29/12, and on the right is Connor, at 9 months on 5/25/10

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Harper loves baby Cole!

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My baby!

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The 3 Amigos!

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“Another fun day at the park, huh, Harper?”  “Indeed, Connor, indeed…”

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Have a great week!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My First 10K–Chasing Snakes


Well, despite having to take the last 3 weeks off, at the gym, due to a c.diff infection…I was still able to run the 10 K with Adriel!  I was a bit concerned, as I had not run 6.2 miles in about 7 years and my training schedule had gone by the wayside with the illness.  However, I ran the 6.2 miles on Thursday and knew that at least I could do it.  Adriel and I were trying to finish before an hour, but alas, we completed the 6.2 miles (running at about an average of 9.56 mph) in 1:01:43.  It was AWESOME!  And did I mention there are a LOT of hills toward the end of the race?  SHEW!  Before the race, the local paper, the Johnson City Press, interviewed me Smile  You can see my quote on this link and you can also see the video of me talking about the race. Here  WOW – celebrity?  I mean…come on!  Smile  Just kidding – just grateful I was able to run the entire thing!  Can’t wait for the next race…Adriel wants me to do an 11 mile race in Surgoinsville next Saturday, but I’m not sure I’m up to running that distance!  We’ll see Smile

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Ratliff Boys…

We have been busy busy BUSY, here in the Ratliff household.  As Cole gets older, I just feel like I can’t keep up!  The days are flying by!  What a great time in life.  Here are some pictures from the last few weeks!

On 3/1, playing on the porch!

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This is a picture of our new car!  WOO HOO we finally have room for our growing family!  Soon we will trade in the Hybrid and I’ll get a minivan!  Never thought I’d be excited about that!

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We got Cole a new bath seat so that he and Connor can take baths together!  This is a picture of bath time on 3/5 Smile

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The boys playing on 3/7 – As you can see, Cole loves to practice his rolling over skills Smile

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I ordered Connor some Scooby Doo figures and they FINALLY came on 3/8!  He was THRILLED!

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Here he is on 3/9 – I don’t think he put them down all night!

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Later that morning we took Connor and Cole to Wallabies to jump with Harper!  I like to call this picture, “True love.”  Connor is finally letting Harper give him kisses without pushing her away.  They are so funny!

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This is how I found Connor on 3/10…I think he is confused?!

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We pulled out the Jumparoo for Cole and he LOVES it!

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I LOVE this picture.  This is Cole, in church, on Sunday, waiting for Daddy to preach!  Look at what a big boy he is!

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Mommy and Cole on 3/11

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My little Connor

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Big news in the Ratliff House on 3/11 – Cole got his very first tooth (the lower middle left tooth) and he tried solids for the first time – all at 9 days shy of 6 months old!

As you can see…he is not a fan of rice cereal Smile

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The boys on 3/12

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Baby Cole was dancing!

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Look at those rolls! 

Ok – here are a couple of videos…