Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Had to Share This...

Seriously...could he be any cuter?!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this new year!  We have been so "busy" enjoying not being busy that I have not taken many pictures!  Here are a few from the last 2 weeks!

This is Baby Cole on 12/26 in his new Moose shirt!

And on 12/27 Baby Cole said ENOUGH OF THESE HOLIDAYS!

Connor and Cole on 12/29, playing dinosaurs together!

On 12/30 I took Baby Cole to see our eye doctor, as I was instructed, and it turns out he has a developmental delay with his eyes.  This is good news - no glasses and he will probably be just fine.  Glad to have a doctor who would rather be safe than sorry and had us get them checked out :)  As, you can see, after getting his eyes dilated, Cole did not want to be awake :)

And this is my New Years baby!  On New Years Eve all he wanted to do was SLEEP!

We got some GOOD cold weather after the first of the year!  Cold enough to pull out the snow suit!  Here is Cole, in his very first snow suit, with his friend, Miss Stephanie, who watches him at the gym!

On 1/3 we tried out the exer-saucer for the first time!  Baby Cole loves it!

Here he is again, on 1/3 in his snow suit!

Playing in his exer-saucer!

Connor likes to show Cole his dinosaurs while Cole is in the saucer!

Baby Cole on 1/5!  I love this face!  Look at his cheeks!  Jason's "mini-me" :)

On 1/6 we met Adriel and Harper at wallabies!  The kiddies ran around and jumped and Baby Cole enjoyed some floor time!  Check out his shirt :)

On 1/8 Baby Cole got sick :(  He has had a bad cold since then.  Connor and I were trying to cheer him up, playing with him in his room!

My sweet boy!

This is Connor on 1/13 with his favorite dinosaur EVER!  It's as big as he is!  He carries this thing all over the house, eats, and sleeps with it!

And finally, here is Jason and his mini on 1/15!  So far Cole's eyes are blue and his hair is red, but other than that - he's ALL Daddy!!!

See what I mean?!

My big 16 week old boy...who weighs 19 lbs and is in 9 month old clothing already?!  (side note - Connor did not weigh 19 pounds until he was 9 months old!!!)

My precious Connor!

Have a great week!