Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring in FLORIDA!

Well, Connor and I just returned from our Spring Break in Florida!  The weather was wonderful and it was great to visit family all week!  Here are some pictures from our trip!

We left on Friday, 3/11, and Connor took his FIRST EVER plane ride!  He did FANTASTIC!  He loved it - and enjoyed watching his movie on the plane!  I gave him cherry jelly beans to chew on so that he would not get sore ears!

He was particularly interested in the plane's safety instructions...

We were in Florida in time for Cousin Dillon's 12th birthday party!  This is the cake that Suzi made for Dillon - it's a Harry Potter themed cake!

Dillon, showing Connor, Peanut...Connor couldn't believe there was a dog that was smaller than Kona!

Playing with Grandpa at Suzi's house!

He enjoyed sitting with Grandma, eating his snacks!

Aunt Cassie, helping make the hamburgers!

Sitting at the kids table with the big kids, eating his burger and beans!

Connor LOVES playing with Cousin Dillon!

Suz and Mom at the adult table :)

Dee and Dillon, the only one who could figure out the lighter to light the candles (makes sense since it's child proof)!


Is that Harry Potter?

Grandma and Connor, eating birthday cake!

Me and Uncle Jim!

Still enjoyin that cake!  Suz makes the BEST cakes!

Hanging out with Uncle Dave and Suz, after the party!

He LOVES his Uncle Dave!

I remember when Uncle Dave walked all over Disney with me on his shoulders like this!

Me and Dee :)

Suz and I

Connor with Mom and I 

Me and Dakota

Me and Uncle Dave

Connor, having his own fun at the birthday party, while the big kids played games! (This one's a video)

Connor, before we left for Gainesville, to visit the Brooks'!  Watching Mickey Mouse!

At Cousin Danny's house!  He LOVED running around in the yard and playing with everything!


Suz and I

Me with my 2nd cousins Brandy and Holly

Mom and Dad with Danny

Danny and I (at 11 weeks preggo) :)

Connor and Grandpa

Mom and Dad with Lisa and Danny

Connor, playing in the yard!

This one's a video

This next video is remarkable because until now, Connor hated dirt! 

Grandma and Grandpa bought Connor his own couch for their house!

Connor and I went on LOTS of walks around the neighborhood during the week - we both LOVED it!

As most of you know, I'm always complaining about the nasty stink bugs we have at our house, well, after seeing the size of the stink bugs at my dad's house, I will no longer complain about our stink bugs...well, maybe I will still complain...but check out this one!

We headed over to the beach with Suz and Dakota on Tuesday, 3/15!  Connor had a BLAST!  He LOVED the beach!  Ran all day - I couldn't even walk that night from chasing him!  Here he is, enjoying some fruit on the beach!

Here he goes, running to the water!

See the seagull to the right?  He loved to chase them and call them "ducks"

Enjoying some cookies on the beach!

Those were all the pictures I could get because he ran so fast I could hardly keep up with him!

Video of Connor at the beach, eating fruit, talking about ducks!

On Wednesday night, Suz had us over for dinner so I could see everyone one last time!  Connor enjoyed every second he could spend with family!

He LOVED playing with Dillon!

Eatin' dinner with Uncle Dave!

Me and my parents!

Love this one!

Me with Uncle Jim and Aunt Cassie!

My new all time favorite picture of Suz!

Video of Connor, playing peek a boo with Dillon and Uncle Dave!  Cherished memories!

On Thursday, we headed back to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa!  Here is Connor, enjoying his first meal at JB's!

Next we headed over to the National Sea Shore and walked around the Eldora House!

Grandpa and Connor

Grandma and Connor on the trail!

12 weeks Pregnant, with my 2 babies!

Walkin down an old Florida trail with my Boogies!  Check out his hand-picked hiking stick!

Telling Connor secrets (all about Cars of course)

Headin to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa!

A nasty picture of lots of grasshoppers that freaked me out!

Later, at the beach, Connor thoroughly enjoyed the sand this time...

When I say that he "thoroughly enjoyed the sand," I'm also telling you that he ate quite a bit of it!

We hope you enjoyed!