Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I can honestly say, with NO exaggeration, that this was truly the best Christmas that I can remember!  Connor had so much fun and we thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with family and friends! 

This is Connor on Christmas Eve, reading to himself, before breakfast!

I was so excited about the gifts we made that I had my parents open them Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve at Papaw's!  Connor got a 4 wheeler Lightening McQueen!  He even knows how to push the gas and make it GO!

The awesome "spread" at Papaws!

Connor was LOVING this Gingerbread house made by Memaw and Uncle Nick!

Connor loves his Mamaw!

Me and Donnie!

Playing Peek-a-boo with Connor

Connor LOVED Christmas Eve dinner!

Ready for gifts!

Connor and Uncle Randy!

Uncle Randy and Aunt Joyce with Connor and Kaleigh!

Someone told Papaw and Memaw that Connor is OBSESSED with Cars!!!

I can still hardly believe it, but I got a Canon Rebel EOS T1i camera!!!!!!  Donnie and Vickie also got us a HUGE lense and a gigantic flash!  I can't wait to take MORE pictures!

Mamaw LOVED her gift!

So did Memaw and Papaw!

Openning gifts with my boy!

Papaw and Memaw made us some special gifts!  This is the throw they made for us!

Memaw also worked really hard on some special photo books that brought everyone to tears!

On Christmas Morning Jason got some quality reading time in with Connor before presents!  All of the pictures from now on are from the new camera - can you see a difference?!

Our new flat screen from Jo-Jo and Granddaddy Greg!!!!  It's AMAZING! 

The theme of Christmas this year.  Connor HAD 12 of these Cars figures and now he has around 60 - OH MY!

My amazing parents!  (Lucky for me, we had a VERY white Christmas and they are going to have to stay an extra day - maybe more?!)

Connor, upset that we made him eat breakfast before openning gifts!

A Floridian car dusted in snow!

Our house Christmas morning and my FIRST EVER white Christmas!!

Fun with the new beautiful Josephine!  (Misty, I think you'll like the next one!)

Our little Seany!

Grandma and Connor

Connor openned his first gift, a new Seany from Suzy and Uncle Dave! 

Loving his cars from Grandma and Grandpa!

Jason and some new clothes!

Connor, reading some of his new books from Grandma and Grandpa!

New pj's from Aunt Debbie!  Thanks Aunt Debbie we LOVED your gifts! 

Playing cars with Connor!

Jason LOVED the painting I made him with Adriel at a Christmas party we went to last week!  Can you see Seany in that picture?!

More reading...

Christmas Sugar!

A book about healing prayer in medical care!!  Jason is the BEST!

And a beautiful necklace with a little boy charm!

Jo is OVER Christmas!

Best hubby EVER! (By the way, Aunt Sally, that is the little Josephine kitty from you all!)

My boys!

After Connor's nap, we headed over to Granny's!  Connor was excited to show Granddaddy some of his new cars!

Jason and Jo-Jo!

Jo and Aunt Pat!

Granny and Grandpa Jim!

Christmas Boogies!

More reading :)

Back at Jo-Jo's house...eating the stairs :)

Me and my awesome mother-in-law!

The best part of my life!

Kona!!! (Another one I think you'll like, Misty!)

Jo-Jo and Granddaddy also loved their gift!

Little People!!!

Reading again?!  You can clearly see that Connor is STARVED for attention!

Like I said...

Jason must have been a bad boy this year...

Connor LOVES Dr. Seuss!  He got lots of Seuss books and stuffed animals!

We hope you had an AMAZING Christmas!