Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our Last Post from Tennessee…

We are headed to Georgia on June 20th!  We are so excited and grateful for all that God is doing in our lives!  Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

Sissy has begun to crawl!  She’s such a big girl now!  This is Caroline on 5/18 at 8 1/2 months oldBlog 1Blog 2

5/19 – Her first time at Sweet Frogs for some frozen yogurt!

Blog 1


Blog 1

Connor and Cole each made a special bug trap for me because I was having a difficult time with all the bugs in our house on this day!Blog 2

Playing with Lyle, at church, on 5/21Blog 1

Caroline and Peter, at churchBlog 2

On 5/22, sissy realized her love of OreosBlog 1Blog 2Blog 3Blog 1

Sissy has become super clingy…this is her “I got what I wanted” smile…Blog 2


Blog 1Blog 2

5/25…packing up the house…Blog 1

First fall of the summer.  Cole took a tumble down four concrete steps outside of the nursery at church Sad smileBlog 2

5/26/14Blog 1

Looking pretty bad Sad smileBlog 2

Daddy took us to Wetlands, in Jonesborough, on Memorial Day!Blog 3Blog 4Blog 5Blog 6

5/27-enjoying some delicious watermelonBlog 1Blog 2

Adriel came over and performed surgery on LaLa!Blog 3

Sissy loves her Bitty BabyBlog 1

5/29 we headed to Steele’s Creek Park for some outside play!Blog 1Blog 2Blog 3Blog 4

Later that day, Sissy got her very first blanket from Grandma!  The first thing Grandma ever crocheted!Blog 5

5/30 Daddy took the boys to see The Amazing Spiderman!  Cole’s first movie and they both loved it!Blog 1

On 5/31 I went on a final trail run…well, hike, with my trail running buddies, Adriel and Aaron at Laurel Run Park in Churchill.

Blog 1aBlog 2Blog 4

6/1….Sissy sat with Mr. Zak during churchBlog 1

And we welcomed Baby Peter to the church!Blog 2

9 months old!Blog 3

Out to dinner on 6/2…this picture cracks me up!  Sissy is a big girl and refuses to sit in the high chair sometimes.  She prefers sitting in the booth!Blog 1 (1)

Crow pose on 6/4 in Adriel’s Pilates classBlog 1

6/5 the boys getting hair cuts for Uncle Nick and Aunt Ashley’s wedding!Blog 1

Library Time!Blog 2

My handsome ConnorBlog 3

And ColeBlog 4

On 6/7 we headed up to Big Stone Gap, VA for Uncle Nick and Aunt Ashley’s wedding!  It was a special day, so Sissy got an oreo for dessert after breakfast!Blog 1Blog 1 (1)Blog 2Blog 3Blog 4Blog 5Blog 6
Blog 7Blog 8Blog 9Blog 10Blog 11

6/8 - As our time at our beloved church, Munsey UMC, comes to a close, we received a beautiful, hand painted gift from a friend in our Sunday School class.  Our class also threw us a wonderful going away party!Blog 1Blog 2Blog 5Blog 3Blog 4Blog 8Blog 9

On 6/9 we headed to the pool and enjoyed a day of swimming!Blog 1Blog 2Blog 3Blog 4

The beautiful scarf my mom made me – her first ever!Blog 5


Blog 1

6/11 – it was raining so we enjoyed playing at WallabiesBlog 1Blog 2Blog 3Blog 4Blog 5Blog 6

My little helperBlog 7

This is a picture of my dad and I in 1984Blog 1

Happy 50th anniversary to my parents today!

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